Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cat Club Cat Store and Cat Cafe

What a mouthful of title but what's equally a mouthful is their desserts!

on a business trip to Hong Kong, we happen to see that there is a cat cafe near by. It took us ages to find it because we got lost. (It was only 10 mins from the hotel but we went in circles twice)
Upon reaching an old residential building, we weren't sure of what to expect.

 Journeying through a very old and rather scary elevator, we alighted on to the third floor and was greeted by this strange door.
 "This must be it," we thought. It had a cat. It must be a cat cafe. Upon entering, we were very surprised!

 On the walls were various cat arts. There were cats sleeping and roaming around.
The food selection is limited but the ones we've tried are good. They have lattes, pastas, sandwiches and cake. I tried this Strawberry Yakult Shake. Upon ordering, they give you a free membership card. How cool! Eat five times and you get HK$10 off your next bill.

More to post on Cat Cafe! Ciao!

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