Thursday, December 27, 2018

Food that are Bad for Your Pooch

Happy New Year! Let the feasting begin! But Dog-owners beware and be aware. Your feasting may be detrimental to your dogs! Make sure none of these fall on the floor for them to eat or none of them end up in their doggy bowls.

The following food are not allowed for pets. Please refrain from giving it to them.
i Alcohol, Wine, Beer, etc.
i Avocado
i Caffeine
i Chocolate
i Dairy
i Grapes
i Gum
i Hard Candies
i Nuts
i Prune
i Raisin
i  Raw eggs

Artisan Fair

December 8 and 9, 2018, The Big House Davao held an Artisan Fair. our sister company, Baby Moon Pawprints displayed their pet couture.

There were also pet bibs and bow ties for sale.

Set in the patio of the Big House, the Artisan Fair have displayed many different artistic products.

There were twenty different Artisans who sold different hand-made items.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Free Smoothie Recipe for your Pets: Apple Blush

Have a Happy New Year! Toast the New Year with a drink for your pooches!

Benefits of Fresh

Many humans juicer or blend their fruits and vegetables for different reasons. For some, it is a healthy alternative to snacking while for others, it is a fun way to take their daily nutrients.
Why make smoothies ad infusions for your pets? It is a healthy way to snack or have their nutrition. Fresh fruits add to the daily nutrition your pets need.
Let’s face it, we like our pets to experience the same things we do.
We give them smoothies and popsicles because we like eating these treats. This book is a recipe book with suggestions for alternative and healthy snacks.

One Dog’s Happy Hour…

This recipe is a drink alternative for treats. It must not be substituted for medicine or pet food. The ingredients are only supplements and adds to the daily nutritional and fiber requirements of your pet.
If your pet shows odd symptoms after each drink, please discontinue and consult your veterinarian.

Each pet is different. They have different breeds and different sizes. Most of the serving is enough for one medium-sized dog. Please adjust accordingly.

Like most children, pets have preferred tastes. They might not take to sour ingredients or textured ingredients. It is important that you, as the pet parent, know what they like and how the ingredients are prepared. 


Apples are good source of Vitamins A and C. They also help with digestion. This smoothie is best for pets who are undergoing weight loss because it gives them the calories they need with the fiber. They will feel full right away so you can substitute one meal or half a meal with this smoothie.
Note that apple contains sugar so do not give too much.

o  Half an Apple or 1/3cup apple juice
o  Handful of Strawberry
o  1/2cup of Watermelon
o  1/2cup of ice

What you need
·       Shaker or blender

Let’s do it!
·       If you don’t have a blender, that’s alright. You can chop up the apples, strawberries and watermelon. It would help if you crush them in a bowl before mixing.
·       Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Serve immediately. Apples oxidizes easily so serve at once.

Dress this Drink!
֍  When serving in a pet dish or bowl, add a slice of apple on top of the smoothie.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Purr Box Cafe, Cat Cafe Review

Purr Box Cafe, Supplies and Accessories Co. is located in the heart of Davao. It is a small little cafe selling cat supplies and offering snacks for humans. The second floor is all for the cats. You can eat downstairs then take drinks upstairs while you play with the cats.
My cousin and I decided to come here to bond. She loves dogs and cats too. We enjoyed ourselves and will be back soon. 
Purr Box will be moving across the street on January 2019. Currently, it is located beside Nissan Showroom on JP Laurel, Davao.


Cafe and Cats
The place is quite small but some would call it cozy. There is two floors. Downstairs is the cafe part where snacks and drinks are served. There are cat supplies you can purchase too like treats, toys and litter.
Upstairs, there are 17 cats in total. There are several breeds including Bengal, Munchkin, Persian, Scottish Fold and PusPin. These cats are docile and very loving. Just sit on the floor and a couple cats will sit beside you and some will brush up against you. Be nice and they'll be nice too! 

The snacks are simple and mostly pre-made at a different venue since the place is small. They have blended drinks that you can take upstairs with you.

The place is clean. It has no dirty smell. You can smell the litter but it is clear that is is regularly cleaned. The venue is enclosed and air-conditioned but the cats are comfortable.

The staff is very helpful and you can see they like the cats. They are very gentle with the cats and the cats are playful with them.

More Pictures




- Call/PM ahead to make sure there isn't so many people.
- Bring socks!
- Eat downstairs before you head upstairs. You may bring drinks but the cats will be brushing against you so it is better if your hands are free.
- Judge each cat differently. Some are friendlier than others. Let them come to you.
- Take nothing but pictures!
- Tip the waiters!

Video on our Sister Channel

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Find Love in Books this Christmas!

Grab this book for free!
This book is published by Komikasi under their imprint Tandem Tales. Tandem Tales is distributed in Amazon Kindle. It contains two stories in one book.

It is hard not to fall for the Lovable Dr. Reuben. He has it all: good looks, privileged life and a cute cuddly dog named Bambam. What he needs in a partner who has his back. Will that partner be Officer Marlena? Can she risk her fear of dogs for the loveable Dr. Reuben?
THE PIRATE AND THE VETPlain-Jane Veterinarian Frida is off to a vacation when she gets kidnapped by garishly dressed pirates. Was this for real? When the Captain of the ship calls to her, will her heart respond or will she go back on land to pursue her hard-earned career.
Both stories are centered around veterinarians of those around the Fluer de Pooch Pet Mall and Animal Hospital, a world-class establishment known for their lovable vets and professionally run animal hospital.

About the Author:
Mai Tala is a contemporary romance writer. She also writes young adult romances. She is a Filipina author travelling between Manila and Davao. Having little Chihuahuas of her own, she knows how these four-legged creatures could wrap one in their tiny little paws!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Plastic VS Paper

When picking up poop, do you use plastic or paper?

Going out in public with your pooches is a treat for some while a chore for others. In going out, sometimes, our furry little babies want to go to #2. As pet parents, we have to practice petiquette and pick up after them. Is it better to use plastic or paper?

The advantages of plastic is that it seals the poop and you can dispose of it later, especially if there isn't a trash can near by. It is not messy and it is waterproof. Unfortunately, we are contributing to the garbage problem of earth. There are biodegradable plastics available but do they turn into bio waste fast enough?

For paper, as a pet parent, the writer uses used newspaper and other already-used paper products. There's a downside to using it but it is 100% biodegradable.

We leave this article hanging for the audience. Do you use paper or plastic? That is the question.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Going to this event

While we are still in Davao, we will be in this event!
The Big House is Dog-Friendly so you can bring your pooches while shopping!
Early Christmas for your babies?

See you there!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pawprints in the Garden Fashion Shows

Here are the videos of the two fashion shows:

Maita for Baby Moon Pawprints

Sanchia for Pet Nannies

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pawprints in the Garden Video

A short video about the event

Pawprints in the Garden Event

Last November 10, 2018, The Big House Davao, a Heritage Home in Juna Avenue, hosted a Pet Fashion Event.

Pawprints in Davao was Davao's most fashionable event of the year.

The event was held in the Patio and Garden Area of The Big House.
There was a Pet Buffet sponsored by The Big House and Vitality.

The Exhibit

Giveaways of Doggy Soaps were given by Doggies' Choice
Before the Fashion Show, Maita Rue gave Pet Styling Tips for the doggy parents attending the event.

All the models were given Doggies' Choice Shampoo.
After Games and the buffet snacks, there was a hunt for Pawprints around the Garden Area.

Sanchia de Asis' collection
 Maita Rue's Collection

Blog Description

This is a blog on pet fashion, lifestyle and the changing pet trends in the Philippines.