Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Find Love in Books this Christmas!

Grab this book for free!
This book is published by Komikasi under their imprint Tandem Tales. Tandem Tales is distributed in Amazon Kindle. It contains two stories in one book.

It is hard not to fall for the Lovable Dr. Reuben. He has it all: good looks, privileged life and a cute cuddly dog named Bambam. What he needs in a partner who has his back. Will that partner be Officer Marlena? Can she risk her fear of dogs for the loveable Dr. Reuben?
THE PIRATE AND THE VETPlain-Jane Veterinarian Frida is off to a vacation when she gets kidnapped by garishly dressed pirates. Was this for real? When the Captain of the ship calls to her, will her heart respond or will she go back on land to pursue her hard-earned career.
Both stories are centered around veterinarians of those around the Fluer de Pooch Pet Mall and Animal Hospital, a world-class establishment known for their lovable vets and professionally run animal hospital.

About the Author:
Mai Tala is a contemporary romance writer. She also writes young adult romances. She is a Filipina author travelling between Manila and Davao. Having little Chihuahuas of her own, she knows how these four-legged creatures could wrap one in their tiny little paws!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Plastic VS Paper

When picking up poop, do you use plastic or paper?

Going out in public with your pooches is a treat for some while a chore for others. In going out, sometimes, our furry little babies want to go to #2. As pet parents, we have to practice petiquette and pick up after them. Is it better to use plastic or paper?

The advantages of plastic is that it seals the poop and you can dispose of it later, especially if there isn't a trash can near by. It is not messy and it is waterproof. Unfortunately, we are contributing to the garbage problem of earth. There are biodegradable plastics available but do they turn into bio waste fast enough?

For paper, as a pet parent, the writer uses used newspaper and other already-used paper products. There's a downside to using it but it is 100% biodegradable.

We leave this article hanging for the audience. Do you use paper or plastic? That is the question.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Going to this event

While we are still in Davao, we will be in this event!
The Big House is Dog-Friendly so you can bring your pooches while shopping!
Early Christmas for your babies?

See you there!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pawprints in the Garden Fashion Shows

Here are the videos of the two fashion shows:

Maita for Baby Moon Pawprints

Sanchia for Pet Nannies

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pawprints in the Garden Video

A short video about the event

Pawprints in the Garden Event

Last November 10, 2018, The Big House Davao, a Heritage Home in Juna Avenue, hosted a Pet Fashion Event.

Pawprints in Davao was Davao's most fashionable event of the year.

The event was held in the Patio and Garden Area of The Big House.
There was a Pet Buffet sponsored by The Big House and Vitality.

The Exhibit

Giveaways of Doggy Soaps were given by Doggies' Choice
Before the Fashion Show, Maita Rue gave Pet Styling Tips for the doggy parents attending the event.

All the models were given Doggies' Choice Shampoo.
After Games and the buffet snacks, there was a hunt for Pawprints around the Garden Area.

Sanchia de Asis' collection
 Maita Rue's Collection

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Chill, Relax, Eat, Play and Party!

Pawprints in Davao is on November 10, 2018
The Big House Davao
12 Juna Ave., Matina, Davao City

- Buffet
- Pet Buffet
- Freebies
- Fashion Show
- Exibit
- Games

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Designer Focus: Maita Rue

Last September 14, 2018, SM East Ortigas together with Ms. Bernie Alfonso, organized Royal Pawsh Runway. The exhibit ran from Friday up to Sunday, the 16th.
This post is dedicated to our very own designer Maita Rue of Baby Moon Pawprints. Each designer represents a province and she represents Davao.

Designer Profile: Maita Rue hails from Davao (Region XI), she believes in simple, light and very pet-friendly aesthetics. Her designs were greatly influenced by her dogs and cats. Comfort is her utmost priority.

Maita studied Fashion Design at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. She graduated Cum Laude and designing came naturally to her. In 2009, she started Baby Moon Pawprints, her own brand.
Her collection theme is a creative Collage of Mindanao-inspired casual wear for pets. Which she aims to show Pride in Identity as Filipino pet owners and that as Filipinos, we love our pets fiercely and unconditionally.

Cotton and coco-cloth is the predominant material as it is light and perfect for pet couture. The design theme recurring takes from the theme of Mandaya, Bagobo and T’boli tribes yet twisting it to her own modern flavor. The title of each piece is taken from a place which represents aspects of Davao. 


"Maita is very innovative. She is one of my top pick this year and probably years to come. Simple aesthetics but definitely showcasing the natural beauty of any pet that wears them. "
- Miss Bernie Alfonso, Philippine Pet Fashion Icon

Collection Title: Collage of Identity
 Design Concept: Each piece represents an aspect of Davao.

 The Dreamer
Coco the Poodle is joined by her doggy-mama Katrina. Coco is wearing an outfit called The Dreamer. It is a collage of three prints. The colors are festive and the dress is fit of a celebration. The dreamer is a mix of the past and future. It may take inspiration from the past but it brings it forward to the future.
Coco is wearing a custom Baby Moon Mini Top Hat with ruffles. Kat is wearing a one-of-a-kind fascinator which is also themed as the Dreamer.

Modeled by German Shepperd Damien  and pet parent Sarah, this ensemble is called Madayaw. Madayaw means a melting pot of visitors. Davao is a melting pot of cultures. Many come for trade and education. One important draw of Davao is the celebrations. When there is an occasion, Madayaw Sa Dabao. This piece is a call to celebration and a coming together of friendship and harmony.
The predominant colors of Red, Blue, Yellow and White represent the Philippine Flag. The beadwork and print represent the festive nature of this outfit.
Damien and Sarah are both wearing a Baby Moon Mini Top Hat. It is a signature look by designer Maita Rue.

Hijas de Davao
Karla B is carrying Designer Maita’s Teacup Chihuahua, Chichi. This set is called Hijas de Davao or Daughters of Davao. This culminating piece is a long dress made of cotton printed with Mandaya print. It is dark yet still festive in nature. The predominance of brown, blue and black states elegance white the simple beadwork denotes industry of tourism. The Hijas de Davao is an evocative piece that calls to love its native roots. From the river, Davao rose to becoming an economic super power. She has never been conquered in wars or strife. She had a hidden power she keeps and uses to show her true identity.

The Boulevard is a lively stretch. By day t is bustling area where hotels, offices and banks are located. In the evening, the street shops, food hawkers, masseuses and other night life attraction come out to entertain. The central seed represents life that grows from this community.

Agdao, known for its hustling and busting market is represented in this piece. It is a Hodge podge of culture as well as trade. Each fabric is collaged as it represents aspects of Agdao and the people who come here.

 Santa Anna
The Santa Anna area or Uyanguren is also known as Davao’s Chinatown. It is the world’s largest Chinatown in land area. The red symbolizes the roots in China while the central panel represents the integration to Davao culture. Gears represent commerce and progress.

Calinan is known for farms as it is the fruit capital of Davao. This colorful piece represetnt the frutis and flowers of Calinan. The gold is the sign of progress trickling into Davao because of the trade in Calinan.

Eden is one of the greenest places in Davao. It has a nature preserve while attracting tourists to the many attractions it has. The triangular pattern represents the elevated height since Eden is high up the mountain.

Damosa is known for food trips and IT parks. The theme to this piece is the gears of business happening in Damosa.

The rickrack and beads represent the river that was where Datu Bago founded Davao. The brown, blue and black also represents the color of the river. 

 San Pedro
San Pedro area is a duality of two seemingly opposing forces: Christianity and Muslim, rich and poor, local and international. But in San Pedro, all these do not clash but harmonize side by side.

Matina is known as the place of the old affluent families of Davao. The gold and black brocade represents the nostalgia of where the oldest subdivision in Davao was situated. 

Sasa wharf is the International port of Davao. The amount of trade passes through the wharf are phenomenal. The Blue lines mimic the map where Sasa Wharf is. The can tops represent boats coming and going through Sasa.

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