Monday, July 29, 2019

Bark at One, The Trading Post's First Dog Event

We recently came across a unique store that caters to those who loves organic and adhere to the healthy lifestyle. The Trading Post in One BGC, Taguig, is that store. It is located in the fourth floor or One BGC, Bonifacio High Street.

 Last July 27, 2019, The Trading Post held its first Pet Event entitle Bark at One. In tis event, it featured talks on Pet Health, a mini Pet Bazaar, a mini show by Shopawhowlique and a Victorian Fashion Show.
 The mini Pet Bazaar featured products that are locally made and, of course, organic. Here are some of the featured products.
There were also itmes for the fashionable pooches like Aiza Cervo's Pet Couture and Bow House Pet Beds.
 The mini Pet Bazaar was unique and well-received. We can't help but wait for it to come back next month.

 Chichi and I were very excited for this unique event!
We were dressed for the occasion and met new friends during the event.
 In the afternoon, Shopawhowlique by A&L held a mini fashion show showcasing their unique crowns. Each of the crowns take inspiration from a mythical being and adorned by real Swarovski crystals.
 After the mini fashion show was the fashion competition. After payin a minimal fee of Php100, you had a pet pass to come in and participate. There were around 20 contestants in total.

Here is the writer and Baby Moon Pet Ambassador Chichi strutting the runway.

The winners of the fashion show received sponsored goodies and a trophy. Of course, they also get the fame for winning the first Bark at One Event.

The next day, there was a Pet Buffet and Mass which Chichi and I were unable to join.

All in all, we look forward to the next event at The Trading Post at One BGC.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Dog: Mini Africa

Being a Pet Parent is like a journey. As this tiny blue planet spins, we love, bring up and watch out for the well-being of our pet pooches. We recently came across Happy Dog, a pet food for your picky eaters.
The marketing manager (Sorry, I misplaced your card and forgot your name!) gave Chichi and I two packs of Mini Africa flavor. The main component of this line are Ostrich meat and Potatoes. It is grain free and made in Germany.
The best part if you purchashed this pet food is that the Happy Dog company will donate 2% of its profits to SOS Children's Villages and the "Schools in Africa" project. They already collected 1Million Euros and are hoping to create more classrooms.
Now, we don't know if the Ostrich really came from Africa but don't panick. Ostriches are not endangered. There are farms who raise ostriches for meat. If you have more questions, please see their website here.

Here is the bag and packaging of the mini. It is 300grams and lasts 3 Chihuahus for a week. So far, there is no complein from the little picky eaters. There were also no allergic reactions.
The price of this small pack is between Php175 to Php225 depending on where you buy them. There are cheaper brands out there for the size but it is on the low size for an imported grain-free brand.

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