Saturday, December 28, 2013

Modeling with Jeng

The Ups and Downs of Modeling with Your Dog by Jeng Mamiit, Baby Moon Correspondence and Model.

Modeling with your dog can be a very rewarding and great bonding experience with your pet. I have experienced different types of modeling, and modeling with your dog could lead to unique and lovely memories.
As both a ramp and print model, I only had to think about myself, which made adjustments easy. In modeling with your dog, however, adjustments are always needed – and sometimes difficult. For example, when I modeled with my baby Leo for Pet Express, he didn’t want to walk on both occasions, in SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall. However, when we modeled for Baby Moon Lifestyle for Hobbes and Landes, I had no problem having him walk. He even looked very cheerful on the runway!
It was even more difficult when I tried to model with all four of our babies. In most instances, some of them walked, while others constantly tried taking their costumes off while on stage.
Adjustments aren’t the only thing needed in modeling with your dog. Before you participate in this activity, you need to know and understand the many ups and downs of dog modeling.

The Ups
·         You get to experience the glamour of modeling with your pet.
·         The experience can’t be compared to anything else.
·         You get to meet a lot of other people that want to showcase their pets as much as you do.
·         Last but certainly not least – freebies from sponsors!
The Downs
·         Not all your moments in modeling with your dog will be picture perfect
·         You have no room to experience stage fright since your dog will be sensitive towards negative feelings such as that.
·         It could be costly to maintain good looks and purchase good clothing – for both you and your pet.
Modeling with your dog is certainly not for everyone. However, once you are able to participate in such an activity, you will right away feel how special this experience can be for you and your pet.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Pooch

 Robin send his greetings to all children young and old!

Our Baby Moon Model Robin really wanted to give cheer to children this Christmas so we arranged for him to distribute some gifts to children.
 Christmas can be the happiest or the saddest day in one's life. Some of the children of Aruga Child Hope Center in sucat don't have noche buena during Christmas. Some don't have homes for that matter. Christmas was the one time in the year where they could be children and attend a party with games and presents. So, off we went to the center to meet 60 children.
 The moment we entered, Robin was treated like a celebrity. One by one, the children petted Robin and asked for hugs. Soon, they were all rolling around the floor just being friends.
 By the time the day was over, Robin and the children had become close.
 Robin is being a celebrity dog. Everyone wanted a picture
 Hug and a kiss!
Give love!
 Give hugs!

Thank you, children! Thank you, friends!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Living in a Multi-Pet Household

Are you living in a home with multiple pets? That means you have more than one pet and possibly more than one kind of pet. This article is from Baby Moon Correspondent and Model Jeng Mamiit. She lives in a multi-pet household.

Taking care of more than one pet has its definite share of advantages and disadvantages. In our household, we have six cats, all personal rescues, and four dogs, all adopted from shelters.
Let’s start off with the good things.

  • The more, the merrier! With many pets all living together with you, you will see different personalities from each of them, allowing you to gain different kinds of experiences.
  • Adopting and/or fostering rescues means that you will be helping more pets to get off the streets as you will be freeing up space in shelters. 
  • There will be lots of picture-perfect moments, with one or more pets at a time. 
  • Nothing beats the feeling of all those tails wagging as they greet you when you get home!

However, there are some not-too-good things as well.

  • Taking care of multiple pets can become costly and entails a lot of responsibility.
  • Pets with different temperaments can sometimes lead to fights, which you have to watch out for!
  • Multiple pets require a lot of time and effort from you to ensure that they are always safe and healthy.

A multi-pet household is not for everyone. However, personally, I think the good things about a multi-pet household greatly outweigh the not-so-good things. There will be both good and bad times, but one thing’s for sure – living in a multi-pet household is something that I will not trade for anything else!

Tips for a Multi-pet household:
Take it one pet at a time. Add pets only if you think you and your resources can handle it. If it is possible, let your pets meet before adopting more. Keep organized. Most pets have their own schedule and territory. Some of them don't like to share toys or bowl so better watch out. Most importantly, share the love! love each one equally with no reservation. Pets are like babies. They do get jealous.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pet-Friendly Guidelines for Dressing your Pets

We always want to see the glitz and the glamor of a Pet Pageant. Let's not forget to make them Pet-Friendly. This guideline have been formulated with the help of Ms. Willa Tecson of Pets4Peace. We higly advice you read and adhere to these when dressing your pets.

  • Total clothing and accessories must not weigh more than twenty percent (20%) of the pet’s weight. This will include accessories already.
  • Lower stomach to genitals should be exposed so pets can do their business freely and hassle-free. (Boy or girl, this must apply)
  • Pets must be able to move freely, sit or pose comfortably even when on a pedestal, stroller or carried by pet parent.
  • When wearing trails or bustles, pets must not be able to step on the trail or the trail must not inhibit pet’s movements. If possible, trails must not be longer than pet.
  • Clothing and accessories may be snug but not too fitted or tight. The clothes and accessories must not cause physical harm or mental stress to pet.
  • In a warm climate, dogs and cats should be discouraged in wearing shoes that cover their paw pads. Sweat and heat exit the pads of the paw. by inhibiting this, it may cause undue agitation to pets.
Remember: for Pet-friendly couture our beloved pets must be stress-free and happy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Drive to Win

We love to see Pet pageants. Sometimes, we like to compete in them!
But is our drive to win driving our pets to the edge? 

As a pet mother, competition judge, competition contestant and pet rights advocate, I asked around why people do it and if it bothers their pets? This article is not intended to accuse or berate anyone. It is the author's own observations and speculations.

The question is about animal rights. Is our drive to win pageants driving our dogs to the edge?

Other pet parents would say it's only a bit of friendly competition and they would win things for their pets. Others will defend their actions stating they are training the dogs/cats. Still, what do our pets actually feel? Are we really giving them an enjoyable time of are we training them to accept their torture? Here are some tips on making sure we don't make our pets uncomfortable.
(photo from canine commotion, Dar San Agustin and Edge)
  1. Always make sure your pets are comfortable. Follow the Pet Friendly Couture Code. This means nothing hindering movements, nothing too heavy and nothing dangerous on the dress.
  2. Make sure we note the signs of agitation. In our excitement, we may fail to notice that our pets are getting stressed. Signs would be whining, heavy breathing, edginess or can't stay put, and aggressive behavior.
  3. Keeps treats and water within your persons. Don't give them a full meal. In their excitement, they may vomit or excrete it. Treats are there to keep them in line and give them a little snack to tide them over before a full meal. Keep them hydrated to avoid stress. Make sure they pee regularly too.
  4. Distancia Amigo! If you read this on trucks, you know what it means. In a stressful environment like pageants, fashion shows and other competitions, it's best to keep a safe distance enough to let your pet breathe and not freak out.
  5. Finally, have fun! Don't let the pressure to win get you. If your pets feel this is all fun and games, they will feel more at ease. If they feel agitation and nervousness, that's what they will mirror.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Model Card Contest

Create a model card using 3 pictures of your pet. Open to dogs and cats! One should be full body shot either sitting or standing (without clothes, leash and collar is ok). One is close up of the face. One is an artistic shot with clothes and accessories. This can be a play shot. We leave it to your artistic talents. Optional: + 3 points for using Baby Moon Pawprints products. Make sure your Model cards do not exceed 10 Mbs. The size is 8x10inches or 8R.
E-mail your model card to Model cards will be posted in Friends can vote as soon as it's posted. The earlier it's sent, the earlier it's posted and you have more voting time. Each like is a 1point vote. Judges vote is equal to10 points.
Last day of sending model cards is on Dec. 1, 2013 11pm. Last day of voting is Dec. 6, 2013, 11pm.
Winners will be announced on Dec. 8, 2013.


Grand Prize: The Model Treatment
-A sketch of your pet by the Dog Mom Blog
-Free grooming from Wishbone Grooming center (Hobbes and Landes)
-1,000.00 worth of prizes from Baby Moon Pawprints
-A gift from Classy Paws
-Feature as Model Pet on Pet Fashion & Trends Blog
-Baby Moon Pawprints Ambassador of the Month (December)

Runner Up: Model's Loot
-500.00 worth of prizes from Baby Moon Pawprints
-A gift from Classy Paws
-Feature as Model Pet on Pet Fashion & Trends Blog
-Baby Moon Pawprints Ambassador of the Month (January)

Model Card Layout:

Sample Model Card.
Shots of Chichi in Red dress courtesy of Hello Miss Dar

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dog Modeling on TV

Pets on TV are all the rage now. Here are some tips to follow when you get invited. It always helps to be prepared!

The General Reminder

  • First, find out what you need to do so you know what to prepare for. don't forget to prepare your travel bag a night before. See Travel in Style Series.
  • Secondly, Pettiquette applies even in the studio.
  • Third, your babies look cute and you should too!

What to Bring
  • Travel kit
  • Leash
  • Extra leash in case you leash breaks (Mine did! Baby got too excited!)
  • Treats (give when they behave)
  • Water and bowl

What They Won't Tell You:
  • TV people don't tell you what would happen next. They tell you on the spot.
  • Call time is not shoot time. Waiting will bore your dogs to sleep. Keep them occupied.
  • For any particular reason, your fur baby can just lose his cool. It may be the set. It may be the random stranger of actors crew or fellow guests. Best be prepared!
  • Stage sets outdoors are freaking hot! There are lights and no aircon or fan.
  • Stage sets indoors and freaking cold! Aircon is at the highest to prevent the lights from overheating.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Activities for Modeliscious Christmas

More Activities coming soon!

 The Party Starts at 4! Bring your gifts for the exchange party or you can buy some at the Hobbes Store.
Don't forget to wear a great outfit!

 Feeling like a model? You think your baby has what it takes? Take out short workshop!
It's free! Don't forget to bring leash for your pets!

 Design a Christmas Sock for your babies!
Want to bring your creative side out or just to make something for your baby.

 Trade a Prom Dress for a Prize.

Medeliscious Christmas

Are you a fashionista pet mom?
You may not have modeled yet but deep inside you know you and your pets are Fashionistas.
Join us on Dec. 8 for a Model Workshop and a Christmas Party!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Travel in Style Series: A Formal Party

Travel in Style Series
For some, to travel with their pet is a logistical nightmare. Even going to the mall can be going to hell. But that can change. To travel or transporting your pet from home to destination with a purpose can be easy if you are prepared. In this Travel in Style Series, we’ll show some scenarios where you will travel prepared with your pet.

Sometimes, a party is formal. In times it may not even be a pet party but a human party. Ask the celebrant if you can bring your pet. Now, the secret to blending your pet with the party is to use your pet as your best accessory. Albeit the pet is alive and wriggling, there are some ways around this.

  • First, get coordinating outfits of accessories.
  • Don’t forget to bring your basic kit in your bag.
  • Use a pretty stylish leash
  • Don’t forget a gift!

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This is a blog on pet fashion, lifestyle and the changing pet trends in the Philippines.