Monday, October 30, 2017

Gadding with Giants

 October 29, 2017, some friends decided we should go on an outing. The Goliath Kennel in Antipolo was hosting a Barbeque Meet and Greet. We decided to attend. I brought Chichi with us.
 They fed us a great spread for the picnic! Hotdogs, burgers, nachos and fries, oh my!
(Author and Molotov, also known as Tokwat or Molo-tok)
 Everyone had time to share about their doggy experiences and the owners Gino and Kim shared their tips, tricks and experiences. They told us that their advocacy is the proper care and adoption of these lovely giants.
(Molotov, Alaskan Malamute)

 As we talked and ate, some of the giants were let loose and they roamed around us, begging for a head scratch or some attention. Who can't resist them? They are big babies!
(Facebook, Mic Ovcharka and Malamute)
 Their advice: these dogs are very expensive to maintain and their dispositions demand a lot of attention. If you cannot maintain them, do not buy one. An owner must think long term in their care. One Ovcharka can consume 2 kilos of dog food a day. Their living arrangements should also be taken into consideration. Malamutes need space to run and play.

We definitely recommend you try going to their Sunday Barbecue. It happens every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Make a reservation before going. They only accept 12 people at a time. 
Don't forget to take photos! These babies love the attention. Give them love!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Robin is waiting for... Christmas!

It's a bit early but here in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas from September to January!
No kidding!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Christmas Pet Gift Galore!

What can I get with Php500?
- One Cris Cringle gift sent on the first week of December
- One Christmas Gift for your pet sent on the second week of December.
- One Baby Moon gift to the Pet Parent
* Delivery costs to Metro Manila (Add150 for Provincial)

>Pay between now and Nov. 25.
>This is good for one pet.
>All gifts are SURPRISES so we can't tell you what they are. But we guarantee they are for pet lovers and pets. All items are Baby Moon recommended.
>Once paid, no return or exchange. Be a good pet friend and re-gift it to your other pet friends.
>One winner will get a special collection from our Royal Holiday Collection.

Game? Let us know and we'll send out the forms.

PM us at


E-mail us at

The earlier you reserve, the more chances you get in winning our raffle.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat Cafe HK: Cat Education in a Cafe

 During my business trip to Hong Kong, we chanced upon a cat cafe in Causeway Bay. The hidden gem has many surprises: Good food and Lazy Cats. Apart from giving customers a place to hang out and a place to eat in, they give customers food for thought.
 Upon entering the cat cafe, you are given a booklet to read. This booklet is an etiquette book on how to handle the cats of the cafe. How not to hold and where to touch.
 The booklet is good for first time cat interactions but avid cat lovers can learn a thing or two too.
See some kitties lounging? You can't disturb them. This is their space. You just happen to come by and eat.
These cats are notorious for taking over. They will jump on your table and just lie down while you eat. No kidding!
So be respectful to the King of the Couch!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cat Club Cat Store and Cat Cafe

What a mouthful of title but what's equally a mouthful is their desserts!

on a business trip to Hong Kong, we happen to see that there is a cat cafe near by. It took us ages to find it because we got lost. (It was only 10 mins from the hotel but we went in circles twice)
Upon reaching an old residential building, we weren't sure of what to expect.

 Journeying through a very old and rather scary elevator, we alighted on to the third floor and was greeted by this strange door.
 "This must be it," we thought. It had a cat. It must be a cat cafe. Upon entering, we were very surprised!

 On the walls were various cat arts. There were cats sleeping and roaming around.
The food selection is limited but the ones we've tried are good. They have lattes, pastas, sandwiches and cake. I tried this Strawberry Yakult Shake. Upon ordering, they give you a free membership card. How cool! Eat five times and you get HK$10 off your next bill.

More to post on Cat Cafe! Ciao!

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