Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Style Origins 2016

 Last August 6, 2016, Bonifacio High Street celebrated Style Origins 2016 with the theme Music, Arts and Style. Baby Moon Pawprints represented Hobbes and Landes with a fifteen-piece collection. The collection by Designer Maita Rue is a fusion between modern and Filipiniana materials. There are some native fabrics, wood, can tops, buttons and other eclectic mix telling a narrative of pride and identity.
 The evening was rainy but the event was well-attended. With last minute model changes and wardrobe malfunctions, the show impressed many who haven't seen the backstage kerfuffle.

 The show seeks to showcase design, style and a new pet-friendly lifestyle.

Photo credits: Percy Tolentino and Vanessa Lopa

Models and Dog Models
Dar San Agustin and King Bob (Jeng's Shih Tzu)
Jewelle Anca and Chichi (Maita's Teacup Chihuahua)
Georgina and Prada (Georgina's Teacup Chihuahua)
 Jana Paradero and Poodle
Ricea and Jocelyn's Poodle
Jeng Mamiit and Argus (Aspin)
Karla Bolintiam and Rufus (Yorkie)
Jade Lu and Robin (Maita's Giant Pomeranian)
Micha Sufriciencia and Pom
Regina Mercado and Flakzo and Freedom (mix breeds)
Kat Aragon and Cheewee (Monching's Mini Pincher)
Alex Sunga and Jocelyn's Poodle
Princess and Georgina's Pom
Reniza Perlas and Bambi (Maita's Applehead Chihuahua)

Special thanks to Iza Gallego of Hobbes and Landes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Doggy Picnic!

Hello, Davao Dog Parents,

Let's get together and have some fun! It's a picnic!
Be green, bring your dog bowls!
Note: Petiquette will be observed during our event. Don't forget to bring poopie kits!

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