Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Fashion Show Rules for Pawprints in the Garden

Theme: Victorian Garden

Register ahead of time at our facebook page. All contestants must purchase the ticket for your dog. Be sure to check in at the registration table on the day of the event so we can give you your number. Those who don’t register might not be counted in the fashion show.

1.      Please make sure your pets are well-hydrated and calm on the day of the show. Allot time ahead for pee and poo time.

2.      If your pet is rowdy, take them aside and calm them.

3.      You have creative freedom to execute your Victorian Garden Inspired clothes for you and your pet but make sure the overall total your dog is wearing will not exceed 20% of the dog’s weight. Organizers have the right to ask you to take off clothes if it is too much for the dog.

4.      Avoid clothing/materials/fabrics that will irritate your dog or other dog. Safety must be your primary concern.

5.      Do not drag your pets on the runway. If they refuse to walk, carry them or provide a stroller. Do not force them.

6.      If your pet will wear a trail, trail must not be more than 1.5 meters. If the trail is dragging the pet or hindering them, we ill deduct necessary points.

7.      Do not dally in the runway. Consider there are others who will also walk. Walk briskly and give your best pose.

Do your best and good luck! Organizers have the right to eject pet and pet owners who are rowdy or not following the rules. If you or your pet harm others, management will hold the owners liable.

20        Creativity
20        Adherence to Theme
20        Audience Impact
20        Chemistry between pet and pet holder
20        Follows the rules
=100 points

Monday, February 23, 2015

Menu for Pawprints in the Garden Event

Here are some of the treats to look forward to!
More food coming up, depending on sponsors but take a look at these delectable food! It's all for our wonderful attendees.

Pet owners: please be mindful of your dog's nutritional prohibitions. You should know your own allergies. The wide array is for you to choose wisely.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pet Fashion Zodes: Pisces

Pets Born on Feb. 19 to March 20
Element: Water

Born First: The Dreamers. These pets will be lazing, busy dreaming. They will be dreaming of things like food, clouds and world domination. Watch out for Eldest Pisces cats. They will demand absolute loyalty. These pets will be attracted to purple and deep red.

Born Last: The Mood Swing Pet. A dreamy pet can exhibit some signs of mood swings but worry not. This will be common especially since these pets are only expressing their individuality. Trust me, there will never be a dull moment.

Those In Between: Up in the Clouds. These pets are also dreamers. Most of the time they will be up all night and sleeping all day, even in dogs. They will be chasing their own tail of jumping on couches.

Only Pet: Razzle-Dazzle Pet. These pets will be dazzling and rightly so. Not only will they be attracted to shiny objects but they will be polishing floors shiny from their non-stop frolicking. They too will love to day dream but they will also try to enact these crazy ideas. Don’t be surprised to find a mess in the living room!

When Dressing Them
They will be attracted to soft and light fabrics like chiffon. They will also like fabrics like silk and satins. They love things that are shiny like the scales of Pisces! You’ll have no trouble dressing these dogs.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pawprints in the Garden Tickets Available

Good news to our friends in Davao!
Tickets are now available at the Big House!
How to get there:
From S&R/ NCCC, take the left road to Juna Ave. (You might have to take a U turn if you are coming from Ateneo area. If from Maa Road, left sa Stop light then right to Juna.
The Big house is beside Values School and is in front of Lispher Inn.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Are You Self- Medicating Your Pet?

Are you guilty of playing your own vet? Sometimes, it seems the cost of going to the vet is too high. A lot of vets charge high even just for a check-up.
And sometimes, a simple check-up will result in test upon tests: blood chem, x-ray, ultrasound, etc.
These rack up a good thousand or so.

It is highly tempting to just go and buy meds for your pet and administer what you think is right. But that is no right. Sometimes, we misdiagnose and give something more harmful than helpful.

For ailing pets, we think to just give them painkillers or colds medicines. Did you think you might just get the dosage wrong?

Be warned, vets know what they are talking about. They have to weigh your pets and give you the right prescription. Don't just give human medicines to your pets. You might think it's just colds medicine but there are colds medicine which are bad for your pet. Please go and consult your vet. Yes, it is costly but this is our baby we are talking about. Never self-medicate without the approval of your pet. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Think of this like this:
I thought something was wrong with my pooch. I sent him to the vet. His temperature was normal and no signs of anomaly in muscle, eyes, rectum. I spend Ph650.00 for a full blood workout. The result: normal. A bit hyper acidic due to food intake but otherwise healthy. I paid Ph650 for peace of mind. The doctor's note: just give him yakult or yogurt and avoid fats and treats for a while.

To sum everything up, do not self-medicate. If you need to find a cheaper vet, please do but never do it yourself. Even a simple deworming should be facilitated by the vet.
Tip: To keep healthy and avoid the cost of check-ups, go to free check-ups in events. Just have the vet in attendance see your pet and look them over. If there is findings, go to your local vet and keep them informed at all times.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Events in... DAVAO CITY!

Pet Fashion and Trends is taking it to the road with Pawprints in the Garden at the lovely city of Davao! Get ready to be fashionable! 
Games and prizes for dogs and their owners!

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