Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat Cafe HK: Cat Education in a Cafe

 During my business trip to Hong Kong, we chanced upon a cat cafe in Causeway Bay. The hidden gem has many surprises: Good food and Lazy Cats. Apart from giving customers a place to hang out and a place to eat in, they give customers food for thought.
 Upon entering the cat cafe, you are given a booklet to read. This booklet is an etiquette book on how to handle the cats of the cafe. How not to hold and where to touch.
 The booklet is good for first time cat interactions but avid cat lovers can learn a thing or two too.
See some kitties lounging? You can't disturb them. This is their space. You just happen to come by and eat.
These cats are notorious for taking over. They will jump on your table and just lie down while you eat. No kidding!
So be respectful to the King of the Couch!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cat Club Cat Store and Cat Cafe

What a mouthful of title but what's equally a mouthful is their desserts!

on a business trip to Hong Kong, we happen to see that there is a cat cafe near by. It took us ages to find it because we got lost. (It was only 10 mins from the hotel but we went in circles twice)
Upon reaching an old residential building, we weren't sure of what to expect.

 Journeying through a very old and rather scary elevator, we alighted on to the third floor and was greeted by this strange door.
 "This must be it," we thought. It had a cat. It must be a cat cafe. Upon entering, we were very surprised!

 On the walls were various cat arts. There were cats sleeping and roaming around.
The food selection is limited but the ones we've tried are good. They have lattes, pastas, sandwiches and cake. I tried this Strawberry Yakult Shake. Upon ordering, they give you a free membership card. How cool! Eat five times and you get HK$10 off your next bill.

More to post on Cat Cafe! Ciao!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Christmas Wish for my Pets by Michelle Perlas

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Michelle Perlas

Christmas is coming and yes, we are all excited for it even our four legged babies too. And ofcourse, our Christmas wishlist is waiting to be fulfilled. All furparents have their own wishes especially for their beloved babies. And I, as one of them have my own list of wishes that I wanted to fulfill for my dogs this coming holidays!

First is health. Having lost two of my furbabies,  it gets me very worried whenever my dogs are not feeling well and because I love them, I don't want my pets to suffer the same thing so I do my best to provide them anything they need to make them healthy and strong.

Second is needs. My dogs love to eat. And having three babies at home, the scarcity of food is pretty much high. So in order for them to get by, I wish that I can provide them their daily food and medicine so they will have a healthy living and they won't starve.

Last but not the least,  is essentials. And it includes the things they are needing for their hygiene or grooming, clothing and leisures such as treats and toys. I love dressing up my babies and I love to bathe them so they always smell good. I am the happiest whenever I see them play with toys because I know that they are enjoying every moment. And I am the proudest whenever they behave and follow my instructions and as a reward for their good behavior I am giving them some tasty treats. And that is why I also wish that I can continuously provide them all of these so my babies will always be happy.

All in all, I know every furparents will also wish what I wanted for my furbabies and I’m really hoping that all of this will be granted. ❤

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year! Let’s spread love!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Holiday Pet Pageant Experience by Ella Ronquillo Victorio

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Ella Ronquillo Victorio


At first, I’m scared to join the pet event of Baby Moon Pawprints in Alabang Tow Center because I don’t know how to go there and what to expect. This was going to be the second time I’ll joining a big event. I told the person beside me that I wasn’t prepared and that time I thought that I don’t have a chance to win any contest. I told myself that we should enjoy the contest and experience the day. 

The moment when the contestants were called, I was very nervous because I saw that the other contestants seemed professional and others are popular in pet world. While they were walking, I watched them, saw how do they moved on stage. When it was my turn, I saw the large audience and camera woman around us that made me feel more nervous but excited. 

I’m smiling like my lips are on ice! 

While I’m walking with baby Tintin on the stage, I’m worried about her. I want her to be brave and not scared of people but Tintin did not disappoint me. We walked on the stage and posed. After the show, it was awarding time. We didn’t expect to be called because we’re not yet prepared. But I was shocked when our name was announced that we are best in Christmas Costume Theme. We didn’t expect that we will win any award. Until now, I can’t get over it and I still want to thank them for the experience and award because they appreciate our costumes.

Friday, December 23, 2016

My Holiday Pet Pageant Experience by Blanche Mapile

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Blanche Mapile

            December 3, 2016, Saturday. Finally the day has arrived! It's time for the Pet Fashion and Trends Holiday Pageant organized by Baby Moon for Pets.

            After frenzied preparations of 9 dogs (6 to be entered in the costume contest), off we went to Alabang Town Center. But alas! Traffic was bad. In my head I prayed "Lord I prepped and looked forward to this for weeks. Please don't let it all be in vain."

            Thankfully, we made it before show time! We even got a quick parking slot and the perfect spot to sit and wait for the program to start. Got some coffee and pastries for my pet nannies to enjoy while we put on finishing accessories and props for the dogs and handlers.

            Saw familiar faces, pawrents and pawbabies alike. I managed to exchange smiles, nods, waves and quick hellos with dog group friends, our lovely pet photographer Che Vienes and my indefatiguable couturier Sanchia de Asis. The slight drizzle did not dampen the spirits of everyone in the ATC Town Plaza.

            Shortly, the pageant began. The pets and their owners were all so adorably adorned in Christmas themed outfits. Dogs & cats of different breeds wore Santa suits, Christmas colored gowns and other Yuletide costumes.  Then it was our turn to take the stage. My 3 pet nannies and I scurried and scrambled on and off stage to ramp and photograph 6 dogs one after the other.

            Cooper in his Santa's Elves Alabaster Snow and Bushy Evergreen ensemble. Athena as Mrs. Claus and Achilles as Ebenezer Scrooge. Mocha was Olive the Other Reindeer, Dacia was the Christmas Angel and Darcy was Father Christmas.

            For the second set of the evening, the designers' showcase, Athena wore a yellow feathered dress with a floral printed green, yellow and black poufy skirt with a matching flowery fascinator from Petnannies Petshop Avant Garde Collection.

            Other PAWsome furbabies and their equally PAWbulous furents worked the catwalk and sashayed down the runway with gowns, dresses and outfits from Maita Rue's Baby Moon for Pets and Petnannies Petshop by Sanchia de Asis.

            On the whole, it was a fantabulous experience! Especially since we won Best Holiday Costume (Cooper), Pet/Eco Friendliest Costume (Darcy) and Holiday e-Card Runner Up (furmom – me). It was also Athena's debut as a pet pawshion model. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Christmas Wish for My Pet by Lorena Nuguid-Garcia

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Lorena Nuguid-Garcia

I want my furkid to be cured from his atopic disease. I want him to experience how to play with other dogs, see him running and enjoying life. We’ve already tried everything that we could use to treat his illness but according to the doctor it is something that is incurable. I want to heal his wounds and ease that itchiness so he can sleep peacefully at night.

* There are somethings we take for granted. Lorena's baby is special because his fur mom is a special person.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Christmas Battles. Thoughts and Wishes by Theresa Halili

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Theresa Halili

3 1/2 years ago...the first time I laid my eyes on you, I thought: you are just a "dog"   

Just a dog.... 

As years passes by, trials came into our lives... in my life, changes from happiness to a great sadness, smiling face in the camera, posted in FB but, deep inside, I was breaking.

Nobody … not  anybody can see the sorrow within me, no one knows the fake smile…. It was all hidden behind a face of a clown…. all of it…

To be happy …THAT’S ALL I WANT TO BE…. and  its becoming real when I'm with you, my Lally. You're the only one who feels the pain in me, you're the only one who's beside me every time I cried in my silence. You're the only one who loves me unconditionally, the only one who stuck beside me no matter what, the only one who wipes my tears rolling in my cheeks and you're the only one who in my time ... My saddest time ... and makes me smile .

Funny it may seems, why am I supposed to have an entry and  write in this blog. ...MY CHRISTMAS WISH TO MY LALLY. Can I make this different? The other way around? Because I know more than anybody else in this world, in this moment, I am the ONE who needs more of love of my baby LALLY.

I don’t know how will it become without Lally. The ONLY creature standing still besides me, showing love and affection, feel the importance of my existence and NEVER EVER change the way she looks at me. I wish that when the time puts us in end, YOU AND I, will be together becaue NO ONE in this world…… will love ME more than YOU.

I needed you in my battle…I WISH WE WILL BE HERE TOGETHER until it LAST..and be up THERE …and be HAPPY FOREVER…YOU AND I.


* This entry is not quite a wishlist but the words were moving so we thought she should win an award. Theresa's entry is the fifth place winner.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mini Paper Bag

Feeling a bit on the DIY side?
Here's a mini paper bag template you may use. Just print it out and decorate it yourself. It's great to make a mini bag for gifts for our friends and love-pets!
Try printing this template and using recycled paper instead!
You can choose the size by scaling it.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pet Holiday Pageant 2016

Last Dec. 3, 2016, Baby Moon Pawprints, Asia Sporting Dog Club and Alabang Town Center held Pet Holiday Pageant 2016 at the Alabang Town Center. The event featured games, Exchange Gift, a Christmas Competition and two Fashion Shows.
Below are some of Baby Moon Pawprints' featured collection.

The Designer and her creations.

The event was sponsored by Vitality with Sponsor Fur Magic and Bayopet.
Minor Sponsors were Ezydog and Pawsh Couture.
Exhibitors are CMC Furshoppe and Sahara and Co.
The event Photographer was Ms. Che Vienes.
Special thanks to Pets$Peace.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Doggy Picnic at the Big House

 Last August 29, the Big House and Pet Fashion and Trends have hosted a Doggy Picnic at the Big House. Fourteen dogs were in attendance. This informal gathering gave a chance for pet owners to mingle and meet new friends. It is also a time to let the dogs out and have fun.
Features of the Doggy Picnic are a buffet table, an exhibit of dog clothes, games and some freebies from Bosche Dog Food.
 Little Shih Tzu puppy trying out a formal black gown. Red Capet ready?
 This Husky is eyeing the wonderful buffet.
 Small and big, all dogs are welcome.
 Everyone interacting and meeting new friends.
 Hi! We are fashionable Mini Pins.
 I'd like to try some peanut butter cookies!
 Hi! Let's be friends!
 Children interacting with dogs.
Big meets small.
 Trying out this T'nalak Dog Vest with Victorian Applique.
Small Dogs meeting each other and becoming friends.

 Happy Husky after some food from the buffet.

Super friends!

Venue: The Big House, A Heritage Home is pet friendly. They also accept pet parties and other functions. Location of the Big House is #12 Juna Ave., Matina Subd., Davao City. (Located near NCCC and S&R)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Style Origins 2016

 Last August 6, 2016, Bonifacio High Street celebrated Style Origins 2016 with the theme Music, Arts and Style. Baby Moon Pawprints represented Hobbes and Landes with a fifteen-piece collection. The collection by Designer Maita Rue is a fusion between modern and Filipiniana materials. There are some native fabrics, wood, can tops, buttons and other eclectic mix telling a narrative of pride and identity.
 The evening was rainy but the event was well-attended. With last minute model changes and wardrobe malfunctions, the show impressed many who haven't seen the backstage kerfuffle.

 The show seeks to showcase design, style and a new pet-friendly lifestyle.

Photo credits: Percy Tolentino and Vanessa Lopa

Models and Dog Models
Dar San Agustin and King Bob (Jeng's Shih Tzu)
Jewelle Anca and Chichi (Maita's Teacup Chihuahua)
Georgina and Prada (Georgina's Teacup Chihuahua)
 Jana Paradero and Poodle
Ricea and Jocelyn's Poodle
Jeng Mamiit and Argus (Aspin)
Karla Bolintiam and Rufus (Yorkie)
Jade Lu and Robin (Maita's Giant Pomeranian)
Micha Sufriciencia and Pom
Regina Mercado and Flakzo and Freedom (mix breeds)
Kat Aragon and Cheewee (Monching's Mini Pincher)
Alex Sunga and Jocelyn's Poodle
Princess and Georgina's Pom
Reniza Perlas and Bambi (Maita's Applehead Chihuahua)

Special thanks to Iza Gallego of Hobbes and Landes

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