Friday, February 16, 2024

Munchausen by Doggy: The Perils of Overindulgence in Pet Care

 Unintentional repercussions that injure our beloved animals can occur when the boundary between affection and overindulgence becomes blurred in the complicated realm of pet parenthood. Part two of "Munchausen by Doggy" explores one aspect of pet care that, although initially motivated by love, can lead to unhealthy habits: providing dogs with too much food and attention.

Naturally, as pet owners, we want what's best for our beloved animals. Our journeys to the best veterinarians, hunting for the healthiest treats, and sourcing the best food are all motivated by love. Unfortunately, there are instances when our best intentions can lead us astray, turning our pets into objects of excessive care and even injury.

Not only can our pets suffer physically from overindulgence, but pet parents often experience emotional and financial stress as a result. The hasty search for social media assistance when pets are sick from diet-related causes (such as obesity, diabetes, or other conditions) is both helpful and harmful. The public uproar and individual suffering can take place on platforms that promote empathy, give guidance, and even financial aid. Under what circumstances do we become personally liable for our dogs' medical problems?

I know firsthand how to strike a balance between overindulgence and moderation as a pet owner. You have to fight off the urge to give in to their begging eyes every time they ask for a reward. A lesson learned the hard way is that love is not quantifiable by the amount of material possessions or the abundance of food. Even when we intend well, our dogs' health might suffer as a result of our actions. This can put us in a vicious loop of feeling guilty, reaching out to others online, and eventually finding comfort in a community of pet lovers who understand our struggle.

Many online discussions concerning pets focus on overindulging in their care and the resulting health problems. These platforms reflect the outcomes of our care decisions while also providing a place for shared experiences and support. While seeking community online is admirable, the story of turning to the internet for help or empathy also raises important questions regarding the causes of pet obesity and avoidable diseases caused by overfeeding. The question of how to differentiate between healthy excess and unhealthy caregiving becomes paramount when considering this trend. The solution is to educate ourselves, be more self-aware, and resolve to put our dogs' long-term health and happiness ahead of their short-term pleasure. A good first step is to learn about our dogs' dietary requirements, identify the warning indications of overfeeding, and consult an expert if necessary.

Being a pet parent is a journey filled with love and learning at the end. It's important to strike a balance that allows our dogs to enjoy healthy and happy lives without causing more damage than good. As we go forward, may we keep in mind that taking care of our pets in a way that ensures their health and happiness, in the long run, is the greatest way to show them how much we love them.

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Friday, February 9, 2024

When Pet Fashion Turns Perilous

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 A darker storyline emerges, one that examines the boundary between love and addiction, in the glitzy realm of pet couture, where diamond-encrusted collars gleam as brightly as the runway lights. I have personally observed the industry's rise to global prominence as a pioneer in Philippine pet fashion. A troubling tendency has developed—or even degenerated—into a display of excess and, perhaps, exploitation, yet, under the surface of this dazzling enterprise. This phenomena, which I call "Munchausen by Doggy," highlights the fact that some pet owners would go to tremendous measures, frequently endangering their pets' health, just to enjoy looking at their decorated pets.

Do you Know How Much Glamor Weighs?

To guarantee the comfort and safety of dogs, pet groups have long pushed for a weight guideline of 20-30% of the pet's body weight for clothes and accessories. However, the extravagant accessories for pets also increased in price as the pet fashion business grew. These days, even little dog breeds like Chihuahuas can have accessories like diamond-encrusted collars that weigh the same as the dogs themselves. Aside from redefining what it means to dress a pet in style, this trend toward excess has sparked serious worries about the strain on the bodies of the animals shown in these shows of wealth.

As a result of the pressure to wow onlookers and judges, many pets undergo extensive training to ensure they look their best on the runway. More and more people are reporting that their trained dogs can walk on command, even when they're hot and heavy from wearing their clothes. The boundary between exhibiting brutality and the ceaseless goal of theatrical perfection is called into doubt by these ethical considerations.

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Some pet owners use social media as a way to get help when their pets are sick, hurt, or distressed as a result of their excesses, and they also use it to get attention and compassion from others. Like the mental illness Munchausen by Proxy, but applied to dogs, this online uproar frequently makes it hard to tell if people are really worried about their pets' health or are just trying to get social approval.

The dogs are the show stoppers, but they have no say in the matter as they were never asked to participate in the pageant. These creatures don't worry about awards or recognition like humans in the fashion and beauty industries; they simply want to make their caretakers happy. This brings up an important point: at what point does the need for public adulation and aesthetic perfection become exploitative?

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Behind the Seams: Pioneering Pet Fashion in the Philippine Archipelago

Among the lively shops of Bonifacio High Street, this ambition began to take shape in 2014. With the help of Vitality Pet Food, Hobbes & Landes, and my first pet fashion show, I debuted it there. In that brief but electrifying moment, I saw a glimpse of the future I had always dreamed of, a place where style and companionship flourished in perfect harmony. The event's success hinted at a future revolution and showcased the unrealized potential of the Philippine fashion industry.

Alabang Town Center contacted Alpo just a few months later to announce that they would be sponsoring a show, which would further solidify the growing interest in pet fashion. The path we were on was clearly a growing movement, not just a passing fad. Pet fashion may have been commonplace in other parts of the world, but it was a somewhat uncharted territory for us. Others' hopes and dreams of a pet fashion industry revival have already been dashed. Still, I wouldn't back down. My goal was to revolutionize and take pet fashion to new heights in the Philippines, not only introduce it.

In the Philippines, there existed an industry that had yet to realize its full potential, and I was determined to spark a revolution by doing more than just building a brand. I wasn't only sewing pet clothes; with each design I drew, I was laying the groundwork for a future where Philippine pet couture would be a global phenomenon.

Pre-Baby Moon Pawprints fashion shows for pets were, to put it mildly, charming. All dressed up and led by their attendants, these pets lacked the vitality and personality I wanted to bring forth. I was hell-bent on changing this landscape. I dreamed of a party that reflected the special relationship between pets and their owners, a display that communicated feelings of warmth and belonging, rather than just looking pretty. It was an audacious and daring plan that would shake things up on a global scale while also captivating locals. They had no idea that this unseen force was quietly but firmly coordinating a pet fashion revolution in the Philippines, all while avoiding the limelight herself.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Ai Generated Fashion for Pets

 Yes, we have jumped on the bandwagon! Using prompts to generate some cute images of doggies in cute and interesting outfits, here are selected images from the numerous ones that we have generated.

Images generated through Playground AI.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Virtual Museum Tour!

May 18 was International Museum Day but most countries around the world are on lockdown, including us. I hope this Virtual Museum Tour of a fictitious Baby Moon Pawprints Museum would brighten your day.

Because it was International Museum Day the other day, I made this little inspired museum with six mini-galleries. All works are by Baby Moon Pawprints from various times and events. Follow me on my various social media channels: twitter: @babymoonmaita Website for Pet Fashion and Stuff: This video was made by the following programs: - PowerPoint - - OpenShot Background Graphics: Music:

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Road trip Geography with Baby Dogs

Quarantine was to begin at midnight on Sunday, March 15. Which meant we had to leave Saturday. Grabbing what I could, we hurried in the expressway packing a couple bags of essential, three dogs and two bewildered families who didn’t wish to be stuck in Manila during the quarantine.
Knowing we had no experience in traveling overland from Manila to Davao, we only had our trusty Waze, Google Maps and our faith. We knew if God didn’t let the Israelites down, he wouldn’t let us. Suffice to say that our forty days into the desert turned out to a four and half-day travel into the tropics, mountain ranges and oversea. It was a lesson in geography we will never forget.
First, we turned to the South Luzon Express Way that connected to Star Toll in Batangas. It was a long drive and we decided we needed a short break so we took a wayside in Quezon Province. For those who don’t know, Quezon Province is named after President Manuel L. Quezon, whose contribution to our nation and the world is immeasurable. Six in the morning, we woke up to an early start and left for the next town. We passed the city of Naga where we had a takeout lunch. Naga is named after the Nara tree which used to grow in abundance in the area. From there, we reached Bicol then Albay. Legazpi Albay was named after conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. We took a short break to Cagsawa Ruins, a popular tourist destination if you wanted to see Mayon Volcano at its finest. Mayon Volcano is famous all over the world for having a perfect cone. When we reached Matnog in Sorsogon, it was a test of patience as there were many trucks, buses, and people trying to cross to Visayas. The name Sorsogon is a Bicolano term meaning “to continually flow a course.” Nine hours later, we boarded a RORO or Roll on Roll off boat that accepted our vehicle. We reached the port of Allen by dawn.

Allen, Northern Samar is a quiet farm community. It has a small city center with the basics. When I say basics, I mean Jollibee, pawnshops, bakery and gas stations. At least we had some takeout and gas as we move on to the next leg. Between farmlands were spot check by the military for COVID19 cases. Before Tacloban, we crossed the San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines. Tacloban is a Hispanized way of saying the Waray term Tarakluban or “to catch a fish.”

We passed Leyte, where McArthur landed to get back to the Philippines at the end of World War II. The market still stands today. Late at night, we reached the port of San Ricardo in Southern Leyte. By the Grace of God, we were able to secure a RORO ride within the hour and departed at midnight to reach the other side. The RORO ride was only an hour but we were so tired. When we reached Surigao City we looked for a hotel that would accept us plus our dogs. We fell asleep almost immediately. In the morning, there was a simple breakfast buffet of Filipino favorites plus pancakes and toasts. We decided to take our time and leave at nine in the morning to give us time to stretch our legs and relax. By late afternoon, we reached Agusan and dropped off our driver’s family. He would drive us to Davao and take a bus back to Agusan.
Now, here is what you have to remember when you get lost: Our country has a main highway, a major vein that connects north and south. This is called the Maharlika Road or the Pan Philippine Highway. When you are on it, you’ll never get lost. That’s what we followed all the way down to Butuan. Now, this is the tricky part of our travel. During our sojourn, we are tuned into reports of who’s getting sick, where, what places have quarantine and curfews. We have received news that Tagum is on lockdown due to a case of COVID19. No in and no out. So from Butuan, we have to veer from the course and take a long cut that would add four hours into our journey. But we had no choice. I’ve visited places I could not pronounce but am very thankful for the peaceful sight that COVID has not touched. Mind you, every town had a checkpoint so that added to the hours we were on the road. Not to mention we had to slow down in places because it was a windy mountainous road. From Butuan, we passed Magsaysay, Gingoog, which were port cities then to Claveria, up in the mountains. The name Butuan comes from a Visayan sour fruit.

From Valencia, we were stuck for four hours before we decided to find an alternate road. It was longer and closer to Marawi (which kinda spooked the driver).  After Valencia, we went to Pangantucan, Kitaotao, Maramag, Quezon, Arakan, Gumalang, Calinan and finally Davao. Each town has its own checkpoints and we have traversed more towns than mentioned.
The roads we visited were smooth and surprisingly well-kept. It would be nice to visit these places for a scenic drive but each checkpoint hurried us along as they were eventually going to put Davao on lockdown. So, we hurried as much as we can, slowing only for curves, fogs and the random cow that crossed the road.
Two in the morning, we arrived in Davao. Our road trip was at an end and quarantine had begun. I am grateful to have taken this trip and lost for words at the majesty of nature that was still untouched.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Madams of Vices, A Victorian Themed Outfit

 Last July 27, 2019, The Trading Post at One BGC held their first pet event called Bark at One. In it, the event featured a mini Pet Bazaar, Talks on Pet Nutrition, a mini show by Shopawhowlique and a Pet Fashion Competition.
 The Pet Fashion Competition featured a Victorian Theme. This could be interretted any way. Chichi and I have our little theme going on.
 The Victorian Era spanned from 18th to 19th Century. In this age, many things have ocured and it occured all across the globe. How can Chichi and I chose? The Victorian Age is so vast! So broad! But so chic!
Chichi and I decided to wear this contrasting number. She is wearing a gown of red, white and black which had a prevailing cards print. Roses and lace accented the gown. The designer (me) wore a black dress with a prominent pentagram on the chest. Her hair is red and she had a matching mini top hat to match Chichi's. To top the whole look, a white feathered fan hid or revealed little Chichi.
This double ensemble represented the vices of the Victorian Age. Black Magic Mysticism, Gambling and Ladies of the Night were rampant during this age.
To our surprise, we won second place!
 Here we have the winenrs of the Victorian Fashion Compatition:
3rd Place: KC Jaime and her Pomeranian wore a Amarican Southern Belle ensemble.
2nd Place: Maita and Chichi wearing Victorian Vices ensemble.
1st Place: Jerwin Sacdal and his Pomeranian wearing a Steampunk-inspired ensemble.
Chichi and I would like to thank everyone who came to support us during the event!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Bark at One, The Trading Post's First Dog Event

We recently came across a unique store that caters to those who loves organic and adhere to the healthy lifestyle. The Trading Post in One BGC, Taguig, is that store. It is located in the fourth floor or One BGC, Bonifacio High Street.

 Last July 27, 2019, The Trading Post held its first Pet Event entitle Bark at One. In tis event, it featured talks on Pet Health, a mini Pet Bazaar, a mini show by Shopawhowlique and a Victorian Fashion Show.
 The mini Pet Bazaar featured products that are locally made and, of course, organic. Here are some of the featured products.
There were also itmes for the fashionable pooches like Aiza Cervo's Pet Couture and Bow House Pet Beds.
 The mini Pet Bazaar was unique and well-received. We can't help but wait for it to come back next month.

 Chichi and I were very excited for this unique event!
We were dressed for the occasion and met new friends during the event.
 In the afternoon, Shopawhowlique by A&L held a mini fashion show showcasing their unique crowns. Each of the crowns take inspiration from a mythical being and adorned by real Swarovski crystals.
 After the mini fashion show was the fashion competition. After payin a minimal fee of Php100, you had a pet pass to come in and participate. There were around 20 contestants in total.

Here is the writer and Baby Moon Pet Ambassador Chichi strutting the runway.

The winners of the fashion show received sponsored goodies and a trophy. Of course, they also get the fame for winning the first Bark at One Event.

The next day, there was a Pet Buffet and Mass which Chichi and I were unable to join.

All in all, we look forward to the next event at The Trading Post at One BGC.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Dog: Mini Africa

Being a Pet Parent is like a journey. As this tiny blue planet spins, we love, bring up and watch out for the well-being of our pet pooches. We recently came across Happy Dog, a pet food for your picky eaters.
The marketing manager (Sorry, I misplaced your card and forgot your name!) gave Chichi and I two packs of Mini Africa flavor. The main component of this line are Ostrich meat and Potatoes. It is grain free and made in Germany.
The best part if you purchashed this pet food is that the Happy Dog company will donate 2% of its profits to SOS Children's Villages and the "Schools in Africa" project. They already collected 1Million Euros and are hoping to create more classrooms.
Now, we don't know if the Ostrich really came from Africa but don't panick. Ostriches are not endangered. There are farms who raise ostriches for meat. If you have more questions, please see their website here.

Here is the bag and packaging of the mini. It is 300grams and lasts 3 Chihuahus for a week. So far, there is no complein from the little picky eaters. There were also no allergic reactions.
The price of this small pack is between Php175 to Php225 depending on where you buy them. There are cheaper brands out there for the size but it is on the low size for an imported grain-free brand.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Small DIY Pet Tshirt

You don't need to sew a whole shirt to get the look you want. While strolling in the mall, we went to our favorite shop. They had a bit of everything in this store. We spotted this cute pink t-shirt with an elephant patch and some embroidery. It needed a little charm so we did a little DIY.

You can do this to old shirts to ring them back to life. Have fun and get creative!

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Time Travellers

 Baby Moon Pawprint's Time Traveller Collection featuring Athena and Bambi.
 The Steampunk Hats are s out of this world!
 Like a Sir? Bambi thinks so!

Models: Athena (Shih Tzu), Bambi (Chihuahua) and Antoinette Noir (Human).
Photographer: Jewel Anca
Set: Bonifacio High Street
Pet clothing and hat: Baby Moon Pawprints

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dogs in the High Street!

Check these fashionable pets in Bonifacio High Street! They are ready to strut their stuff!

 Vintage babes?

Follow Baby Moon Pawprints at and instagram: BabymoonMaita.
Special thanks to Jewel Anca of Jewel Anca Photography.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Shopping, Baby Moon Style

 It's a beautiful sunny day in the High Street. Four little doggies and one sassy cat go to the Hobbes and Landes Store and Bonifacio High Street to shop for hats to go with their cute little outfits. In the Hobbes store, Baby Moon Pawprints have unveiled a new Steampunk Collection for Summer 2019. The hats come in limited peices per design. Some designs are unique and will not have a duplicate. Baby Moon Pawprints takes pride in lovingly handcrafting each hat.

Athena: Does this hats look good one me?

Sometimes, Chichi imagines herself as a princess...

 If they can't make a decision, that's alright. Their loving pet mommies are there to help our little babies figure out a cute design.

Milky: Does red look good on me?

Cake Hats!

Check-out time already?

Thank you to the staff of Hobbes High Street Store for helping us! We enjoyed our shopping trip!

Designer and Creative Director: Maita Rue
Photographer: Jewel Anca Photography
Collection Name: Out of Time
Location: Hobbes and Landes Store.
Pet Models:
Chichi and Bambi (Chihuahuas) owned by Maita Rue
Athena (Poodle) owned by Blanche Mapile
Georgine (MinitureYorkie) owned by Gina Pacheco
Milky (Cat) owned by Janelle Manalang

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