Thursday, January 22, 2015

Planning Ahead: a Pet Owner’s Guide to Finances

People think that having pets is a status symbol. That is because the proper pet care can be costly. No worries. All you have to do is to plan in advance so you won’t have to dip into your funds for pet emergencies. This is where being pet owners vs. being pet parents come in.
Being pet parents we tend to want the best for our pets. Sometimes, we end up spoiling them. Being a pet owner is not bad. By being an owner, a responsible owner, you have to take care of your pets and have a system in place.
It’s the beginning of the year and you might think it is cliché to have a new year’s resolution, then don’t make one. Instead, make a plan of action. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Here are some tips you might need to put into your plan of action.

Plan and schedule your vet visits.
Make sure your pets are healthy. Do you know the month they have to inoculated? Make sure you put away the necessary amount ahead of time. For a medium size dog, the going rate is Php450-500 depending on the clinic. It’s 350 for a cat. Don’t forget to schedule a check up every six months just to be healthy.
If you know there would be a free vet day in your local community, go there and have your pets checked. Baranggays will have one once a year.

Keep healthy to keep away from the Vet
Make sure your food intake is the recommended amount. Add fresh veggies. Make sure they eat well. A healthy pet makes visits to the vet less.

Don’t Buy Anything Out of Whim
Do we need to explain this? Impulse buying is something we should curb this new year.

Put Money Away for a Rainy day
Make a piggybank solely for your pet. Put a fixed amount on a fixed day. Ex: Put Ph50.00 every Friday. Make sure to keep to this schedule. This is your emergency fund for your pet so if something happens, you know where to draw from. Make sure you don’t spend it unnecessarily. This piggybank is only for emergency vet bills.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pet Fashion Zodes: Aquarius

Pets Born on Jan. 20 to Feb. 18
Element: Air

Born First: The Individual. Pets born under Aquarius that are eldest will set their own pace. They will seek their own entertainment and strive to be individual. Style them by making sure they wear something unique from the rest.

Born Last: Attention-Seekers. Compared to the eldest pet, the one born last will strive to be noticed above all else. They will whine and pull on your table cloth just so you’d notice them. They won’t even complain when you dress them in mismatched clothes.

Those In Between: The Individual Unit. These guys might want to be different from each other but they will work as a unit to achieve this. Better watch out what kind of trouble they get into. When one starts something, the rest might just follow.

Only Pet: Shock Factor. Being an only pet doesn’t diminish their need for more attention. They might just go inside your wardrobe and steal something to wear just to get a certain reaction from you.

When Dressing Them
It will be easy dressing them since they want to grab your attention. Calm them by dressing them in cool colors. Eclectic styles will suit them too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pet Fashion Zodes: Capricorn

Pet Born on Dec. 22 to Jan. 19
Element: Air

Caps Born First: Flirty Butterfly. Will be attracted to Navy Blue. Would demand for Comfortable blankets and soft cotton shirts. Will not be shy to use their puppy-skills to get what they want!

Born Last: Flirts wit Danger. Better watch out for this one. It will be a menace but would manage to get away from mischief. They will be attracted to small cute details like embroidery and buttons.

Those In Between: Ambitious Flirts. These dogs and cats will always be ambitious. They strive to be noticed. They will flirt their way into danger and all kinds of mischief to get you to notice them.

Only Pet: Dignified Butterfly. This lone wolf will be the image of sophistication. You’ll have fun dressing this pet. Unfortunately, they will find themselves flirting with trouble just because they can. Better watch out for them.

When Dressing Them
Dress Caps Minimally. They would look well with Navy, Maroon and other sophisticated palettes.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Happy New Year!

Have dog, no money?

No worry, have plan!

New year and new gasto! Don’t make your wallet suffer. We love our fur babies and would do the world for them but we conscientious on spending. Here are tips you can do to save money.
 Spend wisely!
Do you need that much treats? Does your dog? Seriously? Take a pack or two only. Space your treats wisely. It will be healthier in the long run.

Instead of expensive treats, you can spend for half a kilo or carrots instead. These crunchy treats are healthy and are a great treat for dogs!
Also, instead of buying new towels, you can allot old towels to be dog towels.

Inherit something
Perhaps ask a friend if they don’t use their pet’s old bed or old toys? It can be a great way to save.

Second hand, Second time around!
You baby is growing. They might have grown out of their bed. Have you considered buying a second hand? You might also want to sell his/her old bed. Online is so fast and easy to swap, buy or sell things.

Crafti-cute things!
DIY is always a great way to save and save the planet while doing it!

Go to events!
You’ll learn new things and grab some freebies too!

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