Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pet Fashion Zodes: Capricorn

Pet Born on Dec. 22 to Jan. 19
Element: Air

Caps Born First: Flirty Butterfly. Will be attracted to Navy Blue. Would demand for Comfortable blankets and soft cotton shirts. Will not be shy to use their puppy-skills to get what they want!

Born Last: Flirts wit Danger. Better watch out for this one. It will be a menace but would manage to get away from mischief. They will be attracted to small cute details like embroidery and buttons.

Those In Between: Ambitious Flirts. These dogs and cats will always be ambitious. They strive to be noticed. They will flirt their way into danger and all kinds of mischief to get you to notice them.

Only Pet: Dignified Butterfly. This lone wolf will be the image of sophistication. You’ll have fun dressing this pet. Unfortunately, they will find themselves flirting with trouble just because they can. Better watch out for them.

When Dressing Them
Dress Caps Minimally. They would look well with Navy, Maroon and other sophisticated palettes.

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