Sunday, June 19, 2016

Top 10 Mistakes Pet Parents do to their Fur Babies

We try to be pet parents more than responsible pet owners but they must be a balance somewhere. Here are some of the mistakes we might have committed while “Parenting” our pets.

  1. Over feeding them – who doesn’t love a snack or two or three of ten? The worse part is when we give table food like fat and cards to our babies.
  2. Over indulging them with toys – What’s a toy or two? Well, it spoils the pet if you give too much.
  3. Reprimanding bad behavior but not following through with punishments – bad dog! Here’s a cookie.
  4. Praising them in everything – and I mean everything. Even in bad behaviors.
  5. Keeping them too busy – too much play and education can tire them out.
  6. Keeping them too bored – at the same time too much doing nothing is… well… boring. We need to give out pets something to occupy their minds.
  7. Keeping them in cages – sometimes, we just cage our pets instead of watching over them. Don’t leave them in cages for more than eight hours. It is cruel!
  8. Letting them roam free in the streets – no babysitter, no problem! The street is your crib!
  9. Not limiting their playtime – even kids have limited play time. Keep your fur babies in a schedule so they know when play, rest and feeding time occurs.
  10. Spanking them too hard.

So, how many did you score?

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