Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Pick Pet Carriers

When traveling via bus or air plane, you are required to bring your pets with a carrier. How do you pick out a carrier that is right for your pet?
Firstly, your carrier should have enough room. It should be four inches all around when your pet is standing still. Secondly, it should have enough ventilation. Next, it has to have proper locks to secure your pet and keep them safe. Lastly, it should be sturdy enough for travel. Please make sure it is tough enough to endure handling. Some carriers are not. They are just meant to be placed in a corner. Try pounding the top and sides of the carrier to test the strength. When the pet is inside, can the carrier take the weight? Those are some of the things you have to consider.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Malling with Pet

Do’s and Don’ts in the Mall.
It’s so hot this summer! Some of us head to the beach or Baguio to cool down. But what about the budgeted pet parents? They head off to the local mall instead. But as pets are not generally welcomed in public places here in the country, please stick to the rules and be prepared. Pet preparedness is the best way to avoid hassle and confrontations.

  • Do your research. Can you bring them in this mall?
  • If yes, make sure your pet has a collar and identification.
  • Make sure you have a leash and if possible an emergency leash. My baby gets so excited her breaks the metal on the leash sometimes.
  • Bring treats to calm your baby.
  • Have your clean-up kit on hand and practice proper Petiquette.
  • Keep a low profile. Don’t attract too much attention.

  • Act like you own the place.
  • Lets your pet pee/poo anywhere.
  • Cause a scene.
  • Eat a lot in the mall. Eating so much=so much poop.
  • Let them walk around. Unless it is an outdoor mall, most malls don’t let pets walk around. They have to have a carrier or stroller.

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