Sunday, January 11, 2015

Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Happy New Year!

Have dog, no money?

No worry, have plan!

New year and new gasto! Don’t make your wallet suffer. We love our fur babies and would do the world for them but we conscientious on spending. Here are tips you can do to save money.
 Spend wisely!
Do you need that much treats? Does your dog? Seriously? Take a pack or two only. Space your treats wisely. It will be healthier in the long run.

Instead of expensive treats, you can spend for half a kilo or carrots instead. These crunchy treats are healthy and are a great treat for dogs!
Also, instead of buying new towels, you can allot old towels to be dog towels.

Inherit something
Perhaps ask a friend if they don’t use their pet’s old bed or old toys? It can be a great way to save.

Second hand, Second time around!
You baby is growing. They might have grown out of their bed. Have you considered buying a second hand? You might also want to sell his/her old bed. Online is so fast and easy to swap, buy or sell things.

Crafti-cute things!
DIY is always a great way to save and save the planet while doing it!

Go to events!
You’ll learn new things and grab some freebies too!

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