Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat Cafe HK: Cat Education in a Cafe

 During my business trip to Hong Kong, we chanced upon a cat cafe in Causeway Bay. The hidden gem has many surprises: Good food and Lazy Cats. Apart from giving customers a place to hang out and a place to eat in, they give customers food for thought.
 Upon entering the cat cafe, you are given a booklet to read. This booklet is an etiquette book on how to handle the cats of the cafe. How not to hold and where to touch.
 The booklet is good for first time cat interactions but avid cat lovers can learn a thing or two too.
See some kitties lounging? You can't disturb them. This is their space. You just happen to come by and eat.
These cats are notorious for taking over. They will jump on your table and just lie down while you eat. No kidding!
So be respectful to the King of the Couch!

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