Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pet-Friendly Guidelines for Dressing your Pets

We always want to see the glitz and the glamor of a Pet Pageant. Let's not forget to make them Pet-Friendly. This guideline have been formulated with the help of Ms. Willa Tecson of Pets4Peace. We higly advice you read and adhere to these when dressing your pets.

  • Total clothing and accessories must not weigh more than twenty percent (20%) of the pet’s weight. This will include accessories already.
  • Lower stomach to genitals should be exposed so pets can do their business freely and hassle-free. (Boy or girl, this must apply)
  • Pets must be able to move freely, sit or pose comfortably even when on a pedestal, stroller or carried by pet parent.
  • When wearing trails or bustles, pets must not be able to step on the trail or the trail must not inhibit pet’s movements. If possible, trails must not be longer than pet.
  • Clothing and accessories may be snug but not too fitted or tight. The clothes and accessories must not cause physical harm or mental stress to pet.
  • In a warm climate, dogs and cats should be discouraged in wearing shoes that cover their paw pads. Sweat and heat exit the pads of the paw. by inhibiting this, it may cause undue agitation to pets.
Remember: for Pet-friendly couture our beloved pets must be stress-free and happy!

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