Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dog Modeling on TV

Pets on TV are all the rage now. Here are some tips to follow when you get invited. It always helps to be prepared!

The General Reminder

  • First, find out what you need to do so you know what to prepare for. don't forget to prepare your travel bag a night before. See Travel in Style Series.
  • Secondly, Pettiquette applies even in the studio.
  • Third, your babies look cute and you should too!

What to Bring
  • Travel kit
  • Leash
  • Extra leash in case you leash breaks (Mine did! Baby got too excited!)
  • Treats (give when they behave)
  • Water and bowl

What They Won't Tell You:
  • TV people don't tell you what would happen next. They tell you on the spot.
  • Call time is not shoot time. Waiting will bore your dogs to sleep. Keep them occupied.
  • For any particular reason, your fur baby can just lose his cool. It may be the set. It may be the random stranger of actors crew or fellow guests. Best be prepared!
  • Stage sets outdoors are freaking hot! There are lights and no aircon or fan.
  • Stage sets indoors and freaking cold! Aircon is at the highest to prevent the lights from overheating.

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