Thursday, December 20, 2018

Purr Box Cafe, Cat Cafe Review

Purr Box Cafe, Supplies and Accessories Co. is located in the heart of Davao. It is a small little cafe selling cat supplies and offering snacks for humans. The second floor is all for the cats. You can eat downstairs then take drinks upstairs while you play with the cats.
My cousin and I decided to come here to bond. She loves dogs and cats too. We enjoyed ourselves and will be back soon. 
Purr Box will be moving across the street on January 2019. Currently, it is located beside Nissan Showroom on JP Laurel, Davao.


Cafe and Cats
The place is quite small but some would call it cozy. There is two floors. Downstairs is the cafe part where snacks and drinks are served. There are cat supplies you can purchase too like treats, toys and litter.
Upstairs, there are 17 cats in total. There are several breeds including Bengal, Munchkin, Persian, Scottish Fold and PusPin. These cats are docile and very loving. Just sit on the floor and a couple cats will sit beside you and some will brush up against you. Be nice and they'll be nice too! 

The snacks are simple and mostly pre-made at a different venue since the place is small. They have blended drinks that you can take upstairs with you.

The place is clean. It has no dirty smell. You can smell the litter but it is clear that is is regularly cleaned. The venue is enclosed and air-conditioned but the cats are comfortable.

The staff is very helpful and you can see they like the cats. They are very gentle with the cats and the cats are playful with them.

More Pictures




- Call/PM ahead to make sure there isn't so many people.
- Bring socks!
- Eat downstairs before you head upstairs. You may bring drinks but the cats will be brushing against you so it is better if your hands are free.
- Judge each cat differently. Some are friendlier than others. Let them come to you.
- Take nothing but pictures!
- Tip the waiters!

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