Thursday, October 17, 2013

Travel in Style Series: Road Trip

Travel in Style Series
For some, to travel with their pet is a logistical nightmare. Even going to the mall can be going to hell. But that can change. To travel or transporting your pet from home to destination with a purpose can be easy if you are prepared. In this Travel in Style Series, we’ll show some scenarios where you will travel prepared with your pet.

A road trip. The nightmare begins. Imagine yourself planning a trip to Batangas or Baguio. How many hours will you be in the car with your pet. Cats will most-likely sit comfy in their carrier and wish not to be disturbed. However, pooches hate to be confined too long and they will usually sit with you where you do. Now, here’s what you bring. It really help to be prepared way ahead of time.

  • Lots of water – since road trips are longer, lets not dehydrate our pets. God knows its so hard to find a vet in the mountains or the beach.
  • Blanket – This blanket will protect your car from shedding and other accidents. A must to bring especially if the car is not yours!
  • Newspaper – line newspaper on the seat then the blanket on the top.
  • Anti-nauseous smells or tablets – ask from vet.
  • Little bit of food but not too much if this is a day trip. They might throw it up in the car.
  • A pet pillow of their pet bed to rest comfortably after the car trip. You can replace this will old towels.

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