Thursday, October 10, 2013

Travel in Style Series: Going to a Party

Travel in Style Series
For some, to travel with their pet is a logistical nightmare. Even going to the mall can be going to hell. But that can change. To travel or transporting your pet from home to destination with a purpose can be easy if you are prepared. In this Travel in Style Series, we’ll show some scenarios where you will travel prepared with your pet.

A friend invited you and your pet to a Birthday, Bark-mitzva or simply a celebration that’s informal, there are things you have to bring. Aside from the basic travel set, you have to be polite and bring a gift for the celebrant.
Let’s not offend anyone by bringing things you can’t use or overly complicated gifts nobody can understand. Bring something meaningful or if not, bring something fun and something for all. Also, please avoid clothes if you don’t know the size of the celebrant.

What to bring for a gift:

  • Box of pupcake or pet pizza to add to the party
  • Bag of treats for all to share
  • A celebration hat
  • A plush toy
  • A hand-made toy
  • Gift Check (if you can’t think of anything else)
Note: you are not the celebrant. Although you want to be stylish, please do not upstage the celebrant. Dress well and casually. Make sure your baby dresses comfortably. A happy pet is a friendly pet.

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