Sunday, September 1, 2013

Traveling with Pets

Traveling by bus, taxi or plain old jeepney?
Not everyone has a car. There are days we really want to take our furry babies to the mall or to a dog alert. Before even considering bringing your dog, please do your research. You have to know if you can take your dog to that particular mall. While some malls allow for dogs inside the mall during pet events, some malls don’t allow it.

Time to travel. We take our babies in a carrier. It’s easier to take a carrier bag than a stroller because you have to get off and get on vehicles especially for long rides. Next, note that LRT and MRT (trains), don’t allow pets even in carriers. Go take a bus, taxi or jeepney.

Now, the hard part: the actual travel. Don’t be offended if people freak-out even if your pet is super docile/asleep. Some people just freak out at the sight of a dog. It’s not your dog’s fault and may not even be that person’s fault. Keep distance and keep your pet calm. People freaking-out may get your dog to freak-out as well. Make sure your pet already went out to wee or poo. If not, let them wear diapers. It is very embarrassing and cumbersome to clean up in a moving vehicle. In riding taxis, ask the driver if it is ok. If not, it’s not the end of the world. Just get another taxi. 

Don’t get too bothered if people do not understand our love for dogs and cats. Pet awareness has only begun a few years ago. People’s minds are still changing. We can only show them through our passions.

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