Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pet- Friendly Couture

Pet-friendly couture is a movement advocated by Baby Moon Pawprints and Pets4Peace to ensure that pets dress accordingly and comfortably in any occasion.
Guidelines for Pet-friendly dressing:
  • Total clothing and accessories must not weigh more than twenty percent (20%) of the pet’s weight.
  • Lower stomach to genitals should be exposed so pets can do their business freely and hassle-free.
  • Pets must be able to move freely, sit or pose comfortably even when on a pedestal, stroller or carried by pet parent.
  • When wearing trails or bustles, pets must not be able to step on the trail or the trail must not inhibit pet’s movements.
  • Clothing and accessories may be snug but not too fitted or tight. The clothes and accessories must not cause physical harm or mental stress to pet.
  • In a warm climate, dogs and cats should be discouraged in wearing shoes that cover their paw pads.
  • Remember for Pet-friendly couture, our beloved pets must be stress-free and happy!

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