Saturday, August 11, 2012

Every year, the pet events in the country increases. Pet parents are more aware that dogs and cats are a part of the family. As such they are treated as another member of the family. Dogs and cats have pet lines that cater to them. These pet lines also increase because Pet Parents wish their pets to emulate their taste and style.

The Pet Fashion and Trends Week Philippines wishes to address these growing trends. As pet parents, people wish their newest members to experience fashionable and trendsetting. Clothing, leashes, food bowl and other accessories follow a certain trend during the year. Pet Fashion and Trends Week Philippines is a week-long exhibit of Fashion and Trends in terms of styling, clothing and accessorizing. It is also a week to tackle not only fashion but the growing lifestyle of Pets in the city.

Baby Moon Pawprints hope the Pet Fashion and Trends Week will be a precedent on grand shows for pets. We hope this will become a yearly event, an event the whole Metro Manila would look forward to.

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