Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Behind the Seams: Pioneering Pet Fashion in the Philippine Archipelago

Among the lively shops of Bonifacio High Street, this ambition began to take shape in 2014. With the help of Vitality Pet Food, Hobbes & Landes, and my first pet fashion show, I debuted it there. In that brief but electrifying moment, I saw a glimpse of the future I had always dreamed of, a place where style and companionship flourished in perfect harmony. The event's success hinted at a future revolution and showcased the unrealized potential of the Philippine fashion industry.

Alabang Town Center contacted Alpo just a few months later to announce that they would be sponsoring a show, which would further solidify the growing interest in pet fashion. The path we were on was clearly a growing movement, not just a passing fad. Pet fashion may have been commonplace in other parts of the world, but it was a somewhat uncharted territory for us. Others' hopes and dreams of a pet fashion industry revival have already been dashed. Still, I wouldn't back down. My goal was to revolutionize and take pet fashion to new heights in the Philippines, not only introduce it.

In the Philippines, there existed an industry that had yet to realize its full potential, and I was determined to spark a revolution by doing more than just building a brand. I wasn't only sewing pet clothes; with each design I drew, I was laying the groundwork for a future where Philippine pet couture would be a global phenomenon.

Pre-Baby Moon Pawprints fashion shows for pets were, to put it mildly, charming. All dressed up and led by their attendants, these pets lacked the vitality and personality I wanted to bring forth. I was hell-bent on changing this landscape. I dreamed of a party that reflected the special relationship between pets and their owners, a display that communicated feelings of warmth and belonging, rather than just looking pretty. It was an audacious and daring plan that would shake things up on a global scale while also captivating locals. They had no idea that this unseen force was quietly but firmly coordinating a pet fashion revolution in the Philippines, all while avoiding the limelight herself.

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