Thursday, January 10, 2019

Free Smoothie Recipe for Your Pets: Cinderella's Happy Hour

Benefits of Fresh

Many humans juicer or blend their fruits and vegetables for different reasons. For some, it is a healthy alternative to snacking while for others, it is a fun way to take their daily nutrients.
Why make smoothies ad infusions for your pets? It is a healthy way to snack or have their nutrition. Fresh fruits add to the daily nutrition your pets need.
Let’s face it, we like our pets to experience the same things we do.
We give them smoothies and popsicles because we like eating these treats. This book is a recipe book with suggestions for alternative and healthy snacks.

Apples are good source of Vitamins A and C. They also help with digestion. This smoothie is best for pets who are undergoing weight loss because it gives them the calories they need with the fiber. They will feel full right away so you can substitute one meal or half a meal with this smoothie.
Note that apple contains sugar so do not give too much.

One Dog’s Happy Hour…

This recipe is a drink alternative for treats. It must not be substituted for medicine or pet food. The ingredients are only supplements and adds to the daily nutritional and fiber requirements of your pet.
If your pet shows odd symptoms after each drink, please discontinue and consult your veterinarian.

Each pet is different. They have different breeds and different sizes. Most of the serving is enough for one medium-sized dog. Please adjust accordingly.

Like most children, pets have preferred tastes. They might not take to sour ingredients or textured ingredients. It is important that you, as the pet parent, know what they like and how the ingredients are prepared. 


Pumpkins are always known as autumn foods because of their color. Did you know Pumpkins are good for your eye sight? It is also good for sleeping well. This smoothie is good taken warm or iced.

o  1/2cup water
o  1/2cup chopped pumpkin
o  1 small bottle of Probiotic Drink
o  Optional: peanut butter.

What you need
·       A Pot
·       Blender
·       Bowl, Dish

Let’s do it!
·       Boil pumpkin in water until soft.
·       Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
·       Serve immediately if you want smoothie warm.
·       Blend with 1/3cup crushed ice of cold.

Dress this Drink!
Whip cream on top will surely make this drink the best! It will make your pets appreciate a dollop of cream. A sprig of mint will also give it a classy touch.

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