Saturday, December 19, 2015

Chaochini's Brood of Lovely Fur Babies

 (photo by pet owner)

It’s Christmas Season once more! And we have a series for our little pets about Christmas wish lists. We’ll be featuring some pets and see what their pet parents think they’d love for Christmas!

Pet Parent’s Name: Chaochini Lozada

 Pet's name, breed and age: jelo shihtzu 3, dambo shihtzu 2, princess shihtzu 2, chloe pomeranian 3, bubbles pomeranian 2, blossom pomeranian 2, buttercup pomeranian 4, chanel dachshund 8, Obama dachshund 5, prada chihuahua 1

My Christmas Wish list for my Pet is:

  1.  Lots of treats because my babies love it!
  2.  I want to bring all my furbabies to a dog spa salon
  3.  A dog house because I want my fur babies roaming around with a decoration of hello kitty
  4.  A terno dozen of hello kitty dress and tshirt for my babies 5. Toys

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