Friday, September 20, 2013

Meditation With Your Rowdy Dog

Your pet is getting older and rowdier. There are times you question why the puppy-ness hasn’t grown out of your pooch yet. Sometimes, it feels like a battle at home with war-torn furniture and land mines thrown across the floor.

The solution should not be war or imprisonment. Your pet may be just having too much pent-up energy. Is your pet cooped up at home too much? Perhaps he or she does not have enough quality time with you. First of all, if your pet keeps running around, knocking things and people, try releasing their energy in the park. Let them run and play and basically, do the things they need to do that are ruining your house. If you have a cat with this behavior, perhaps they need some release in the garage for a supervised stroll then t the garden. (Maybe keep a leash on them in case they go crazy outside)

Still twitchy? Try to teach your pet mediation. Sit comfortably and calmly. You must be comfortable otherwise, they will feel the tense situation and this will not help. Calm yourself and sit on the floor nearly leveling with your pet. When they come near, pet them. Breathe in and out of long breaths while stroking them. Try to sit them in front of you. Look them in the eye if they permit it. You must project calm and serene thoughts. Your pooch or kitty will sit there as long as you do. Soon, they will find a comfy position. When things are calmed, you may end the session but maintain the calmness in you as you go about your tasks at home. Do this exercise five to ten minutes a day. You will notice a change in your pet. Don’t forget to give your pooch or kitty enough love and play. They have to release their energy before they meditate.

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