Saturday, October 13, 2012

Post Event

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you like our event. This blog will continue to be up in hopes of a future event. In the mean time, it will be a blog dedicated to pet fashion and other lifestyle write-ups that come along the way.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Morning Club- Fashionista Pets

Filmed during Pet Fashion & Trends Week, Oct 6, Alabang Town Center.

Post Event Review from Organizers

Dear Partners, Sponsors, Models, Competitors and Friends,

Thank you very much for gracing us with your generosity. We couldn't do this event without you.

Organizer's Point of View
We feel this event was a success. We measure this success based on the schedules we planned, the targets we achieved and the people and pets we made happy. Amidst the chaos backstage and online, amidst the turbulent weather, we pulled it off well. Events, even a well-planned one, can go awry. We were lucky to get help in all the right places.

Let us thank the people who went above and beyond to help us put this event together:

  • The Baby Moon Team for the organizing, selling and shows. 
  • The Baby Moon Models, both humans, pets and handlers. This is not an official group but different volunteers for the show. They came all the way to ATC to have fun and put on a great and fashionable show.
  • For Alabang Town Center and their marketing team. Thank your for taking a chance on our event. This concept was new and untested. You were kind enough to take it out there and let us pioneer it in your mall.
  • To ATC's maintenance, gardeners and guards.  They deserve credit for putting up with our outrageous fanfares. Tent lifting, table setting, clean up and sounds were all done by them. These seven manongs did they best to smile amidst the stress. They helped us set-up and set down all throughout the week.
  • A warm thanks to Paws n' Tails. From a major sponsors to an event partner, we couldn't do what we do without you. We are proud of your contestants and we are grateful for your numerous support.
  • To Vitality as the official dog food sponsor of Pet Fashion & Trends. Thank you for the prizes and give-aways. Also, thank you for our last minute requests. Thank your for the tents and the games.
  • For Ezydog, people might not see it but you helped us quite a bit. We are so thankful to you and your staff.
  • To Labrador Retriever Owners Club, Ang Komunidad and Cross-Breed Club. Organization did not take place in the admin office but between our phone lines. :-) Thanks and I owe you guys!
  • To Pets4Peace. We hope we met the guidelines you have approved. Our Filipino Fashion concept was well-received. We hope to spread it to the whole country.
  • To Cassandra Care. You guys always supported all our events even if it was not yet Pet Fashion and Trends. Thank you for the Spa exhibit. Thank you Ms. Cheska for being our judge. Congrats on your groomers.
  • Merial and Frontline. Thank you Merial team for gracing us with your presence. For being our judge and for being a major sponsor. Thank you for taking a chance on this event.
  • To CARA for spreading your compassion on World Animal Day.
  • To Hobbes & Landes. We appreciated the Monday event. Thank you for promoting our event as well as providing speakers. Thank you also for the additional prizes for raffles and games. They were well-appreciated.
  • To Zalora, Zoomanity and Doggies Choice. Thank you for the prizes and the time you spent for us. Thank you for giving us your support. We don't know how else to say our heart-felt appreciation but through our thanks and prayers.
  • To VLV and VKV. Man power was not a small thing. Without you, we may have broken down somewhere along the way. In the planning, we never anticipated for things to get super hectic but they did and you guys helped us. Thank you also for the vaccination and vet support. You have given us insights on pet events that even we didn't know we should have. Doc Gino, thank you for vet support. We might have panicked without you. :-p
  • To Royal Canin. We know pet fashion is not something you guys condone yet you have supported the different aspects of our show, namely the grooming competition and the World Animal Day. 
  • To Ms. Joy Jesena Barcelon. Unknown to our audence, she is always in the background ready to lend a helping hand. she is also our speaker and one who helped out in the dog exhibit. She shot the Picture Paw-fect Calendar and is our official photographer during the event. She and her assistant Geraldine, have always been there rain or shine. Thanks and million!
  • To our exhibitors: Cafe Bed, Pawsh Couture and Keith Kimberlin, Sovereign Pet Couture and Liberty Fashion Wear. Thank you, thank you. People loved your product mix. Thank you for the prizes and just for supporting us in this event.
  • To our Media sponsors: Summit Digital, Female Network,, Dog Fashionista, Certified Pet Friendly, Pinoy Dog Lover, Alabang Bulletin and You became our trumpet to the world. Thank you.
  • To United Dog-aholics. Thank you for Saturday morning. Wednesday was rainy but you still came prepared and fresh on Saturday. 
  • To Picture City, photographer of our doggy events! Thank you for capturing our moment. Thank you for the sponsored prints for the Picture Paw-fect calendar.  To Gerry's Grill. A last minute sponsor who gave us food for our cocktail day. To Picture Company, the last minute gift cards were well-appreciated.
  • To our contest participants: Groomers, Calendar Models, contestants, Trendsetting Contest and and Project Catwalk Contestant. Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you join our other contests in the future. Don't forget the Pets4Peace Pet Friendly Guidelines!
  • To the audience and other pet lovers. Some may have gone all the days and some may not have gone at all but you still supported us through facebook. We hope to see you all soon!
If you agree or disagree with us, let us know your thoughts:

Fashion Day

TV5 coverage of Fashion Day
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