Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress? That is the question. Part 4: Weight

Weight is something not often considered by humans. A heavy jacket or dress at the right prize will always be a great bargain. For a pet, weights can stress them out especially if they are not built for carrying load. Pets4Peace recommends clothing as accessories not heavier than twenty percent of the pet’s weight.
Dogs and cats naturally do not take to clothes. They can be trained in wearing clothes but not for a very long time. Heavy clothes will seem restricting to pets and this will irritate them and eventually stress them. Remember, choose light and breathable fabrics, neat and comfortable cuts, and consider the weight of the clothes. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress? That is the question. Part 3: The Cut

Fashionistas always look for the correct cut and the right silhouette. Cut is very important because this determines the fit of your pet apparel. We love to wear fitted outfits. Unfortunately, pets don’t. It has to be a bit loose but not too loose. Very loose clothing is also uncomfortable for pets. Make sure you can still fit your fingers inside the waist area. If the dress or shirt is too constrained, your pet might get stressed.
Cut will also determine how flattering the dress is for your pet. It determines the shape and flow of the dress. Choose a shape that flatters your pet and stick to it. We can be very creative about this because our pets are super cute to begin with.

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