Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Summer time here!

Are your pets properly hydrated?

Panting and lethargic pets may be sign of over heating or dehydration. Beat the heat. Make sure there is proper ventilation where your pets hang out. Turn the fan or aircon during the hot parts of the day. Avoid dressing pets. If possible, take the to the groomers and have a summer cut. Give them vitamins in the morning to help boost their immune system. Most importantly, make sure they have cool water all day long. Give them an ice cube during noon time. It might just save their lives.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Importance of Cuddle and Play

A pet is just a pet, right? They don't need play and hugs and kisses, right?


A Pet is not just an added fixture to the family. They are part of the family. Like every member of the family, they need interaction. Play is a very important part of interaction. It is when the dog or cat learn their limitations, learn new tricks and even learn rewards.
Why cuddling? To cuddle your pet or hug them is showing them signs of affection. Also, this type of interaction makes your pet feel affection. They might not know the words of love but they do know the meaning of your affection. Start with playing with your pets then pet them. Scratch their favorite places. Give them a little peck. When they are ready to receive they hug, give them a good squeeze. You might get rewarded with a lick.
Most cats might not appreciate a good hug but petting them would suffice. Your dog, on the other hand, is much more appreciative of a hug.

So, tell your dog or cat you love them with a good dose of play and hugs!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dog Runs, The Healthy and Safe Way

Ever been in a Dog Walk or Dog Run?
Perhaps you wish to join one in the future? The point of a Dog Run or a Dog Walk is to encourage you and your dog to do a bit of exercise. What we don't want to happen is for you and your dog to get stressed. Here are healthy tips on participating in a dog walk or dog run.

Before the Run

First and Foremost, always check the schedule. We don't want to miss the time and place. Next, make sure you prepare the fees needed. Some dog runs require pre-payment while some require payment on the spot. Next, what time will the run start? You must give you and your dog time to get there, warm up and have some rest time before the run.

What to Bring

Getting there is important but when left in the hot field unprepared, it can be detrimental. Being prepared is vital for a stress-free run. Bring the following for starters:
  1. Water bottle and dispenser for you and for your pet. Bring ice if you can manage it.
  2. Proper leash and harness. During Dog runs, Harness is best used. Make sure it is snug and comfy!
  3. Poop Management. In case of accidents, we must have newspaper or poop bags.
  4. Pet Mat to lie down on. Sometimes, we may be left on the pavement. A pet mat will do wonders if the pavement gets too hot.
  5. Some treats.
  6. A fan.
  7. Umbrella to get out of the sun.
  8. Towel to mop up perspiration. A towelette for your dog to mop up saliva.

When There

You are at the Dog Run or Dog Walk. Then what? Take a few minutes to get your dog acquainted with the environment. Take them around and get them to get familiar. Let them see other dogs and socialize but do not get them too near. If your dog or the other dog show signs of aggression, pull your dog away.
On the Run or Walk, run at a reasonable pace for your dog.  Be mindful if your dog is small. He or she may not run as fast. Also be mindful of being in a reasonable distance to the other dogs. Make sure you can pull away at a moments notice if your dog or the other dog gets aggressive. 

After the Run

Hydrate yourself and your dog when the run is done. Warm done by walking your dog and stretching their legs. Do a bit of baby massage on your dog so ease out the muscles. Don't let them lie down at once. Make sure your do a warm down at least 5 mins.

Write to us if you had a fun run! We'll appreciate the responses!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress? That is the question. Part 5: Mobility

Can the dress and apparel move with your pet’s movements? 

As discussed before, constrained clothing can stress a pet. Pets are active. Their clothing should move with them and not constrict them. It should allow them to flow naturally. With strollers and pedestals out in the pet world, pet parents forget their pets should naturally walk the terrain. The pets also run, jump and play. Make sure the pet dress or shirts allow them the free movement. 

A pet that can move freely is a happy and stress-free pet!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Hunt for the Golden Bone

 What a sunny and Golden day! Perfect for a day in the park! Even perfect for a pet event!
Chichi and Bambi are all psyched up on a lovely day of games and fun!

So many sponsors came and helped us out! We can't thank them enough!

 Acknowledgment of Sponsors for Easter Hunt for the Golden Bone
o Ayala Malls & Greenbelt
o Paws & Tails
o Baby Moon for Pawprints
o Baby Moon Lifestyle
o EzyDog
o So blaster
o Royal Canin
o Merial
o Petcentric Vet Clinic
o Dog Coach Francis
o Doodles Paw Couture
o Pinoy Dog-Lover
o Mocha Studios
o Manila Bulletin
o Animal Scene
o Doggies Choice
o Wee Nam Kee
o Whole Pet Kitchen
o Pawsh Couture
o Regina Libertyfashionwear
o Dom's Partyshop
o Keith Kimberlin Pet Apparels
o Dog Owners Group of the Philippines
o Pro Dogs Central
o Philippine Alaskan Malamute Club (PAMC)

  • Grooming Station
  • Pet Treats Station
  • Candy Station
  • Vet Consultation
  • Training Consultation
  • Sketch Table
  • Pet Blessing
  • Parlor Games (Relay, sack race, eating contest, etc.)
  • Easter Costume contest
  • Easter Hunt for the Golden Bone
  • Easter Egg Designing contest

Thank you!
Sponsors, participants, friends and family!

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