Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Importance of Cuddle and Play

A pet is just a pet, right? They don't need play and hugs and kisses, right?


A Pet is not just an added fixture to the family. They are part of the family. Like every member of the family, they need interaction. Play is a very important part of interaction. It is when the dog or cat learn their limitations, learn new tricks and even learn rewards.
Why cuddling? To cuddle your pet or hug them is showing them signs of affection. Also, this type of interaction makes your pet feel affection. They might not know the words of love but they do know the meaning of your affection. Start with playing with your pets then pet them. Scratch their favorite places. Give them a little peck. When they are ready to receive they hug, give them a good squeeze. You might get rewarded with a lick.
Most cats might not appreciate a good hug but petting them would suffice. Your dog, on the other hand, is much more appreciative of a hug.

So, tell your dog or cat you love them with a good dose of play and hugs!

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