Friday, August 29, 2014

September Pet of the Month!

 Meet Diesel Madison, a five year old chihuahua and fashion model. He loves to  snuggle on the bed during rainy days. ON thunder storms, he cuddles with his pillows. Don't let this droopy eyes fool you. He is actually giving you the bedroom eyes!
He and his momma loves his bling!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Gift Giving 101 for Dogs

So, what do you give as gifts for pets in a party? It is not as easy as selecting something in the department store. First, let us know the reason for the party. 

First birthday: The first is always the best for the pet owner and the pet. The pet has made it into adolescence. It is equivalent to celebrating the 1st birthday of a child.
What best to give: soft toys, gift certificates, treats, things to aid training, poopie kits.

Second to Sixth birthday: This is the time when the pet is reaching adulthood. The pet owners usually have all the essentials so you don’t have to worry about training and stuff. Here are the best things to give a pet and the owner.
What best to give: fruit basket, veggie basket, treats, gift certificates.

Seventh and up: By this time, the celebrations become a milestone as each year the pet ages.
What best to give: fruit basket, veggie basket, old towels, gift certificates.

Blessing: Blessing come each year. You may choose to have you pets blessed each time or just once. Sometimes, pet owners want the occasion to be a special one. It is also a celebration of their religion and their commitment to raising their pets in the Christian or Catholic way of life.
What best to give: blankets, rugs, congratulatory card to the pet owner.

When they accomplish something: Did the pet win a competition, got featured on TV or did something so heroic? Pet owners wish to celebrate their pet’s accomplishment by throwing a party.
What best to give: fruit basket, treats, small toys, congratulatory card.

Celebrating adoption (newly adopted puppy): Treat this like a baby shower. A pet owner has newly adopted a puppy and wish his or her friends to know this. A small informal party is usually given. Ask the pet owner what they have already so as not to give the same thing. If they already have the basics like bed, bowls and leashes, it is best to give safe things.
What best to give: soft toys, gift certificates, treats, things to aid training, books on pets.

Celebrating adoption (older, rescued dog):  Celebrating adoption is to let your friends know you have a dog and you are committed to the life of a pet parent. Ask the pet owner what they have already so as not to give the same thing. If they already have the basics like bed, bowls and leashes, it is best to give safe things. Consider when buying that the dog is old already.
What best to give: soft blanket, fruit basket, gift certificates, treats, books (not on training, picture books work best).

What not to give:
Don’t give dog food unless you know the dietary restrictions of the pet. Don’t give clothes if you don’t know the size or preference of the pet and pet owner. Some pet owners don’t believe in dressing pets so you must be considerate of this.
Never give mixed message items. Even if you know the diet of the pet, giving them “diet” food shouts you are affirming their pet is overweight. Giving things like deodorizing sprays and air freshener says you think they smell bad.
Never give items from a dead pet like their old bed, old toys, old bowls. A pet knows this and might take offence.
Don’t give very expensive things unless you are very close to the pet owner. Items like jewelry, expensive carriers, strollers and such are a bit too much for party gifts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Petiquette in the Park

A daily guide when walking your dog.

When walking your dog, there are rules and regulations in our current society. We can’t just come and go, do as we please. We have to conform to these rules or face fines and in some cases, confiscation of our precious babies. Such rules usually involve your pet’s behavior, their bowel control and stepping on grass.
Petiquette is etiquette for pet owners. It’s not your dog’s obligations to learn rules and manners. It’s the owners. At times we just want to be pet parents and indulge our pets, let them do what they wish. But the truth is, we simply cannot. We have to own them and own up to what they do.
Now, petiquette is not simply following the rules but being well mannered about it as well. We like to walk our pets in the park. It’s nice to meet fellow pet owners that way. Also, most of us in the urban setting don’t have gardens. It’s nice to let our pets have some soft grass to run on.
Rule #1 in going to the park is doing your research before getting there. Find out if the park allows pets to begin with. Some parks are very strict, they require all dogs leashed at all times. They even require your pets to have identification.

#2. Next, on where to thread. Some places don’t allow dogs on certain areas. Please abide by the rules. Like, say, in Greenbelt. They don’t allow dogs on the grass. Yes, the guard will tell you that they and you, can only walk on the paved path. Dogs are not allowed in the mall premises. When you are tired, some cafes don’t allow your pets in, even if it is an outside seating area.

#3. On leashes and collar. Back to rule #1, this must be done ahead of time. I had the misfortune of going to Marquee Mall with Robin. Fortunately, he was still small. The guards don’t allow pets inside the mall. Now they do if there is an event. This was their first doggy event. I had to carry Robin. My friend, who is a small woman, had a Labrador with her. She couldn’t carry a Labrador and neither could I. We had to speak to the head guard. Most public places require leash and collar at all times.

Rule # 4: Pooping practices. Once upon a time, dogs pooped and we didn’t care. Nowadays, we very much care for clean spaces and clean environment. Your dog pooped, deal with it. Always carry poopy bag with you. I carry newspaper with me all the time when I have my doggies. I know they are just dying to have an “accident” somewhere very public. Be prepared.

Rule #5. There are times when we are having fun but not our pooches. Time to pack up and go. A stressed dog will only create problems. For one thing, your pet will be irritable because they are tired. They might snap at unsuspecting people. Another thing, they might get sick. Stress could bring about a low immune systems making them pick up colds and infection. If your pet is not having fun, better go home. We have to consider their feelings when we take them out. Dogs can be very much like kids. They like to have a tantrum now and then. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Runner-up Tie Winner

Due to some disputes on number of likes during midnight, Baby Moon decided to have a tie instead. Chloe and Honey are tie in second place. Chloe will be joining the others as brand ambassador and will be featured throughout the season with the other Baby Moon Winners.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Winners for the Modern-Vintage Photo Contest

 Most number of likes goes to Deizel Madison!

 Second most number of likes goes to the cute Honey!

Pick of the Bunch, Baby Moon Pawprints' top choice, goes to Rocky!

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