Saturday, May 25, 2019

Small DIY Pet Tshirt

You don't need to sew a whole shirt to get the look you want. While strolling in the mall, we went to our favorite shop. They had a bit of everything in this store. We spotted this cute pink t-shirt with an elephant patch and some embroidery. It needed a little charm so we did a little DIY.

You can do this to old shirts to ring them back to life. Have fun and get creative!

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Time Travellers

 Baby Moon Pawprint's Time Traveller Collection featuring Athena and Bambi.
 The Steampunk Hats are s out of this world!
 Like a Sir? Bambi thinks so!

Models: Athena (Shih Tzu), Bambi (Chihuahua) and Antoinette Noir (Human).
Photographer: Jewel Anca
Set: Bonifacio High Street
Pet clothing and hat: Baby Moon Pawprints

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