Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dogs in the High Street!

Check these fashionable pets in Bonifacio High Street! They are ready to strut their stuff!

 Vintage babes?

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Special thanks to Jewel Anca of Jewel Anca Photography.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Shopping, Baby Moon Style

 It's a beautiful sunny day in the High Street. Four little doggies and one sassy cat go to the Hobbes and Landes Store and Bonifacio High Street to shop for hats to go with their cute little outfits. In the Hobbes store, Baby Moon Pawprints have unveiled a new Steampunk Collection for Summer 2019. The hats come in limited peices per design. Some designs are unique and will not have a duplicate. Baby Moon Pawprints takes pride in lovingly handcrafting each hat.

Athena: Does this hats look good one me?

Sometimes, Chichi imagines herself as a princess...

 If they can't make a decision, that's alright. Their loving pet mommies are there to help our little babies figure out a cute design.

Milky: Does red look good on me?

Cake Hats!

Check-out time already?

Thank you to the staff of Hobbes High Street Store for helping us! We enjoyed our shopping trip!

Designer and Creative Director: Maita Rue
Photographer: Jewel Anca Photography
Collection Name: Out of Time
Location: Hobbes and Landes Store.
Pet Models:
Chichi and Bambi (Chihuahuas) owned by Maita Rue
Athena (Poodle) owned by Blanche Mapile
Georgine (MinitureYorkie) owned by Gina Pacheco
Milky (Cat) owned by Janelle Manalang

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This is a blog on pet fashion, lifestyle and the changing pet trends in the Philippines.