Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress? That is the question. Part 2: Breathability

When we wear clothes, we choose clothes that breathe. The same should be true for pet clothing. Can these shirts or dress breathe? Will it allow air to flow freely and keep your babies cool? Even during cold weathers, cottons and linens can actually block heat while still being able to breathe.
We must take into consideration that pets do not sweat. They are prone to heat strokes. Breathable fabrics and breathable cuts must be considered when buying or making pet clothes. This makes for comfy pet wear. Stay away from faux leathers, pure polyester and heavy satins.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress? That is the question. Part 1: Material

You wish to dress your pet. Dressing dogs and cats are a little tricky especially in this country. I will assume you live in the warmer regions of this country. First of all, our pets are wearing fur. Second, it is too warm to wear clothes on top of fur. Our pets struggle with the heat as it is. They are constantly at war with heat in this country. Just to remind other pet parents that dressing pets must be limited. They have to have function. As a pet parent, make sure the clothes are really pet friendly and comfortable.
First to be considered in choosing clothes for your pets is the materials. Cottons of all kind are best for our furry love ones. Cotton breathes and is available in different kind of forms like cotton knits, Chinese cotton, Cotton linen, Twill and cotton denim. They are very versatile.
Find cotton materials that are light and breathable. Air should pass through cooling your pet. They should also be not the heavy type of fabric. The limit of clothing and accessories worn by your pet should not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the pet’s weight. That means if your pet is five kilos, the dress, collar and leash should total to one kilo only. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Dress or Not to Dress?

That is the question

People are of two opinions about this topic. Is it wise to dress our pet? Should it be legal to dress our pet? Dressing is a human act. By dressing out pets, we humanize them. So the question now evolves to: Is it humane to humanize our pets? 

As stated before, dressing is a very human act. By dressing our pets, we are personifying them. The fact that we give them human names already personify them but we must remember to curb our monstrous mom tendencies. We must remember that even as we train our pets to dress, this is not natural to them.

We dress our pets so they are “stamped” with our identities. Note, I used the term our. Yes, it is the owner’s identity that the pets are wearing. But please remember that fashion can go to the extreme. Sometimes, clothing ceases its function already. We must ensure that the clothes our pet wear are comfortable and easy to put on and off. Out in the market, there are so many things, so many designs and brands offering pet fashion. They can be cheap, they can be expensive.

It is up to you whether you wish to dress your pet or not. Dressing them is like stamping your identity on them. Let’s just calm down and not go crazy. Dressing them heavily or in constrained costumes might stress them out.

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