Monday, April 8, 2013

Dog Runs, The Healthy and Safe Way

Ever been in a Dog Walk or Dog Run?
Perhaps you wish to join one in the future? The point of a Dog Run or a Dog Walk is to encourage you and your dog to do a bit of exercise. What we don't want to happen is for you and your dog to get stressed. Here are healthy tips on participating in a dog walk or dog run.

Before the Run

First and Foremost, always check the schedule. We don't want to miss the time and place. Next, make sure you prepare the fees needed. Some dog runs require pre-payment while some require payment on the spot. Next, what time will the run start? You must give you and your dog time to get there, warm up and have some rest time before the run.

What to Bring

Getting there is important but when left in the hot field unprepared, it can be detrimental. Being prepared is vital for a stress-free run. Bring the following for starters:
  1. Water bottle and dispenser for you and for your pet. Bring ice if you can manage it.
  2. Proper leash and harness. During Dog runs, Harness is best used. Make sure it is snug and comfy!
  3. Poop Management. In case of accidents, we must have newspaper or poop bags.
  4. Pet Mat to lie down on. Sometimes, we may be left on the pavement. A pet mat will do wonders if the pavement gets too hot.
  5. Some treats.
  6. A fan.
  7. Umbrella to get out of the sun.
  8. Towel to mop up perspiration. A towelette for your dog to mop up saliva.

When There

You are at the Dog Run or Dog Walk. Then what? Take a few minutes to get your dog acquainted with the environment. Take them around and get them to get familiar. Let them see other dogs and socialize but do not get them too near. If your dog or the other dog show signs of aggression, pull your dog away.
On the Run or Walk, run at a reasonable pace for your dog.  Be mindful if your dog is small. He or she may not run as fast. Also be mindful of being in a reasonable distance to the other dogs. Make sure you can pull away at a moments notice if your dog or the other dog gets aggressive. 

After the Run

Hydrate yourself and your dog when the run is done. Warm done by walking your dog and stretching their legs. Do a bit of baby massage on your dog so ease out the muscles. Don't let them lie down at once. Make sure your do a warm down at least 5 mins.

Write to us if you had a fun run! We'll appreciate the responses!

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