Thursday, September 12, 2013

Introducing Children to Pets

When should you start introducing your children to pets?
Children and animals can mix but a lot of supervision should take place. Introducing your children to pets starts early. The moment they comprehend pets and their role, start showing them animals from birds, fish, cats and dogs. Make sure child and pet do not cry. The moment, they do, calmly bring the child to the side and calm the child.

Why should you introduce your children to pets?
Believe it or not, you should socialize your child. If you don't, he or she will "freak-out" at the site of dogs/cats when they grow up.

How should you introduce your children to pets?
Make sure you orchestrate the first time they socialize. You have to make sure children and animals don't go wild on each other. Both parties must not get stressed. The pet you introduce the children to must be tame and well socialized. Tell you child what a pet's role is in your family. Let them meet and slowly let the child go nearer and nearer until they can touch. Congratulate both parties when they have fun.

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