Monday, February 10, 2014

Book Stash Part 2

Are your babies chilling? Are they the type who can be described as cool and chill? Perhaps they embrace the organic lifestyle with you?

Check out what we found in bookstores:
"Gotta Love Dogs!" is a picture book of our friendly four leggers being oh so cute! "Pet Clean Up Made Easy" is a guide book on how to get all kinds of pet stains on any surface. This book is a must for those who has a cat, a dog, both or other animals! "Happy Dog" is a book for the chillaxed pet parent and how to ensure your pet's long term happiness. "Eco Dog" is the author's favorite book. It has tips on healthy and eco-friendly household. It has most of the things you need in your pet life like how to make your own organic cleaners, how to make dry shampoo, what household solutions can be used for safe stain removal.

We hope to inspire you with more pet books in the future. Feel free to share yours too!

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