Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book Reviews (Maita's Book Stash)

A happy pet lover always has some reference materials to make sure their lovely furballs are the best they could be. Designer Maita Lu shares her book stash. This collection of books as shown above is about a groovy, happy dog. Having 3 sassy dogs is no walk in the park. They have attitudes like a spoiled rotten brats. Life gets a little monotonous and books give her ideas.

In this part of the book stash, it's "Happy Dog, Happy You" from local publisher Summit Media. It has the basics of dog guides. "Let's have a Dog Party" gives you a reason to celebrate your pet. It also includes some party foods you can prepare for yourself. "Dogology" might not be for everyone's taste but it is a fun read.

We hope you appreciate the book stash share. We encourage pet parents to start collecting some books of their own. Start a pet library and collect books that matter and books that help in making life fun for our pets everyday.

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