Sunday, October 6, 2013

Travel in Style Series: Travel to the Mall

Travel in Style Series
For some, to travel with their pet is a logistical nightmare. Even going to the mall can be going to hell. But that can change. To travel or transporting your pet from home to destination with a purpose can be easy if you are prepared. In this Travel in Style Series, we’ll show some scenarios where you will travel prepared with your pet.

Everyone loves to go to the mall. Even our pets enjoy the mall. Dogs in particular love the sights, smell and cool temperature a mall can offer. After doing your research, here’s what you need for a short travel to your favorite pet-friendly mall.

  • Don’t forget your Basic Travel kit.
  • Poop Bag!
  • Carrier - Some malls require carriers especially enclosed airconditioned malls.
  • Leash – If you want to walk your pet, a leash is a must in all malls.
  • Stylish Outfit! Never go out in drab. Always be in style!

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