Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Travel in Style Series: Going to a Go-See

Travel in Style Series
For some, to travel with their pet is a logistical nightmare. Even going to the mall can be going to hell. But that can change. To travel or transporting your pet from home to destination with a purpose can be easy if you are prepared. In this Travel in Style Series, we’ll show some scenarios where you will travel prepared with your pet.

A go-see is when a model or potential model goes to see a designer. They always have to put their best foot forward and hopefully be the look of the show. The important part to this is making a good impression: yours and your pooch. Here’s the basic for going on a go-see.
Expel your baby’s energy but walking him for about 5 to t10 minutes ahead of the go see. Next, be prepared to look your best or if your pet is the one for the go-see, prepare your pet. If you can’t afford to take a trip to the groomers, you can do your own grooming session. A dry groom is best just before the go-see.

  • Bring your vanity kit: Comb or brush, tear stain remover, powder, clips and hair ties.
  • Basic kit
  • Simple stylish outfit. Don’t go over the top. The designer might not see the full potential of your pet if your pet is covered in froufrou.
  • A clean leash for walking. Believe it not, a clean leash is a good impression. It means you are taking care of your pet and your things.

(More on this topic soon)

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