Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Christmas Battles. Thoughts and Wishes by Theresa Halili

This Blog post is from Contest Winner Theresa Halili

3 1/2 years ago...the first time I laid my eyes on you, I thought: you are just a "dog"   

Just a dog.... 

As years passes by, trials came into our lives... in my life, changes from happiness to a great sadness, smiling face in the camera, posted in FB but, deep inside, I was breaking.

Nobody … not  anybody can see the sorrow within me, no one knows the fake smile…. It was all hidden behind a face of a clown…. all of it…

To be happy …THAT’S ALL I WANT TO BE…. and  its becoming real when I'm with you, my Lally. You're the only one who feels the pain in me, you're the only one who's beside me every time I cried in my silence. You're the only one who loves me unconditionally, the only one who stuck beside me no matter what, the only one who wipes my tears rolling in my cheeks and you're the only one who in my time ... My saddest time ... and makes me smile .

Funny it may seems, why am I supposed to have an entry and  write in this blog. ...MY CHRISTMAS WISH TO MY LALLY. Can I make this different? The other way around? Because I know more than anybody else in this world, in this moment, I am the ONE who needs more of love of my baby LALLY.

I don’t know how will it become without Lally. The ONLY creature standing still besides me, showing love and affection, feel the importance of my existence and NEVER EVER change the way she looks at me. I wish that when the time puts us in end, YOU AND I, will be together becaue NO ONE in this world…… will love ME more than YOU.

I needed you in my battle…I WISH WE WILL BE HERE TOGETHER until it LAST..and be up THERE …and be HAPPY FOREVER…YOU AND I.


* This entry is not quite a wishlist but the words were moving so we thought she should win an award. Theresa's entry is the fifth place winner.

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