Sunday, September 11, 2016

Doggy Picnic at the Big House

 Last August 29, the Big House and Pet Fashion and Trends have hosted a Doggy Picnic at the Big House. Fourteen dogs were in attendance. This informal gathering gave a chance for pet owners to mingle and meet new friends. It is also a time to let the dogs out and have fun.
Features of the Doggy Picnic are a buffet table, an exhibit of dog clothes, games and some freebies from Bosche Dog Food.
 Little Shih Tzu puppy trying out a formal black gown. Red Capet ready?
 This Husky is eyeing the wonderful buffet.
 Small and big, all dogs are welcome.
 Everyone interacting and meeting new friends.
 Hi! We are fashionable Mini Pins.
 I'd like to try some peanut butter cookies!
 Hi! Let's be friends!
 Children interacting with dogs.
Big meets small.
 Trying out this T'nalak Dog Vest with Victorian Applique.
Small Dogs meeting each other and becoming friends.

 Happy Husky after some food from the buffet.

Super friends!

Venue: The Big House, A Heritage Home is pet friendly. They also accept pet parties and other functions. Location of the Big House is #12 Juna Ave., Matina Subd., Davao City. (Located near NCCC and S&R)


  1. That venue looks nice! Looks like those dogs had so much fun! :)

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