Monday, August 24, 2015

Expert Series Perfect Combination 2

Salon gorgeous hair?

For the dog? 

Doggies' Choice shares their secret with their perfect combination of their best selling line and their Expert Series collection.

Mange is caused by microscopic mites. They cause redness and itchiness. This results to hair loss. Do you have a dog that has great hair like Pomeranians, Princess Shih Tzu, Silk Terriers, Golden Retrievers and the like?  Well, as pet parents, we want them to have salon gorgeous hair without having to take them to the groomers too often.
Use this perfect combination to enhance that fluffy volume.
Start with the Doggies’ Choice Anti-Mange soap and Anti-Mange Shampoo. It has Madre de Cacao that cures and prevents Mange. Follow it up with the Expert Series Ultra Volumizing Shampoo.
Perfect combinations result in the perfect hair as if you went to the salon!

Tune in for the next expert series tip for a great grooming day.

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