Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pawprint in the Garden Event Summary

With 50 dogs in attendance, the Pawprint in the Garden Event was a roaring success. Should be say Barking success?
There were games and a a gourmet pet buffet spread out for our lovely doggy guests. The afternoon started early with some of the guests arriving at 1pm in the afternoon. The day was bright and sunny but we had water stations across the garden for dogs to have a drink.
All parents were practicing petiquette int he lovely Big House Garden. The scene was set and the afternoon gave way to the fashion show with the spring well as the background. Birds of paradise flowers were arranged and the red carpet rolled out for the runway. Our winners as follows:

Fashion Show Winners:
1st Prize – Score: 96, Contestant #6 John Amante and Katya (Shih Tzu x Chihuahua) White flores de Mayo inspired gown. Dad in a tuxedo.
2nd Prize Score: 93.33, Contestant #10 Lourdes Pretty Meggy (Pug) Pink dress. Mom in black Victorian gown.
3rd Prize Score: 92.67, Contestant #1 Kimberly Baylon and Yoko (lhasa apso x poodle) Pink Dress. Mom in a Garden picnic attire.
Runners Up
Score: 90.67, Contestant #8 Ramon de Leon and Truffles (Mini Dachshund) Red gown
Score: 88, Contestant #9 Biena Lou Concada and Luke (Shih Tzu) Flowers and floral vest.
Score: 78, Contestant #11 Doogy Levy and Kisses (Miniature Schnauzer) lovely gown with pearl necklaces.

Show Judges:
Migen Krisette Catog – Representative from DDLC, She is a dog lover.
Darrel Blatchley – Owner and curator of D’ Bone Collector’s Museum
Jojie Alcantara – Writer, photographer and blogger. She has her own blog and is an avid dog lover.

Online Contest Winners:
Jan Paola Lagrimas
Ramon Angel De Leon
Reya Sazon

A warm thank you to our sponsors! Without them, this event would not be possible.
The owners of The Big House is inviting the doggies to come with their pet parents any time to chill and have some snacks at the Big House, A Heritage Home.

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