Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pawprints in the Garden Details

Schedule of Events
1pm     Opening/Start of Registration, Buffet starts,
2pm     Start of Game: Pabitin for dogs, Raffle
2:30     Game: How Many Pawprints in the Garden?
3pm     Fashion Show
3:30     Game: Longest Line, Raffle
4pm     Announcement of winners of
5pm     Closing

Garden Rules

  • Please make sure your shots are updated. Pet Parents, please mind your dogs.
  • Management will not be liable for lost items, dogs or children.
  • All pets must have a ticket and tickets need to be presented to the buffet table.
  • Pets with no ticket will be asked to pay or leave.
  • Please pick up your own poop. We highly encourage Petiquette.
Our dog food sponsor is Vitality.
Please be mindful of your pet's allergies or dietary restrictions, Pup cakes and treats will contain eggs and flour.

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