Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fashion Show Rules for Pawprints in the Garden

Theme: Victorian Garden

Register ahead of time at our facebook page. All contestants must purchase the ticket for your dog. Be sure to check in at the registration table on the day of the event so we can give you your number. Those who don’t register might not be counted in the fashion show.

1.      Please make sure your pets are well-hydrated and calm on the day of the show. Allot time ahead for pee and poo time.

2.      If your pet is rowdy, take them aside and calm them.

3.      You have creative freedom to execute your Victorian Garden Inspired clothes for you and your pet but make sure the overall total your dog is wearing will not exceed 20% of the dog’s weight. Organizers have the right to ask you to take off clothes if it is too much for the dog.

4.      Avoid clothing/materials/fabrics that will irritate your dog or other dog. Safety must be your primary concern.

5.      Do not drag your pets on the runway. If they refuse to walk, carry them or provide a stroller. Do not force them.

6.      If your pet will wear a trail, trail must not be more than 1.5 meters. If the trail is dragging the pet or hindering them, we ill deduct necessary points.

7.      Do not dally in the runway. Consider there are others who will also walk. Walk briskly and give your best pose.

Do your best and good luck! Organizers have the right to eject pet and pet owners who are rowdy or not following the rules. If you or your pet harm others, management will hold the owners liable.

20        Creativity
20        Adherence to Theme
20        Audience Impact
20        Chemistry between pet and pet holder
20        Follows the rules
=100 points

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