Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pet Fashion Zodes: Aquarius

Pets Born on Jan. 20 to Feb. 18
Element: Air

Born First: The Individual. Pets born under Aquarius that are eldest will set their own pace. They will seek their own entertainment and strive to be individual. Style them by making sure they wear something unique from the rest.

Born Last: Attention-Seekers. Compared to the eldest pet, the one born last will strive to be noticed above all else. They will whine and pull on your table cloth just so you’d notice them. They won’t even complain when you dress them in mismatched clothes.

Those In Between: The Individual Unit. These guys might want to be different from each other but they will work as a unit to achieve this. Better watch out what kind of trouble they get into. When one starts something, the rest might just follow.

Only Pet: Shock Factor. Being an only pet doesn’t diminish their need for more attention. They might just go inside your wardrobe and steal something to wear just to get a certain reaction from you.

When Dressing Them
It will be easy dressing them since they want to grab your attention. Calm them by dressing them in cool colors. Eclectic styles will suit them too.

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