Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gift Giving 101 for Cats

So, what do you give as gifts for pets in a party? It is not as easy as selecting something in the department store. First, let us know the reason for the party. Cats are much simpler to give gifts to than dogs.

First birthday: Congratulations, it’s a kitten. Kittens are a bit different than puppies. For one thing, they are just an innocent bundle of joy!
What best to give: Balls, blankets, treats, gift certificates, books.

Second birthday and up: Cats are more or less more consistent than dogs. It would not matter to then what age they are. They know they are gown up cats and demand to be treated so. By this age, the have taken to a specific brand of cat food and treats. It is hard for them to try new food items and not all cats eat fruits.
What best to give: scratching post, toy mouse, laser toys, extra blankets or old clean towels.

Blessings and milestones: Most cats hardly achieve milestones because they are secretive. They don’t usually let their pet parent know what they have accomplished, good or bad. When the pet parent do catch them in the act, a party is in order.
What best to give: congratulatory card, books, gift certificates, unique pet gadgets.

Celebrating adoption (newly adopted kitten): It’s a baby! It’s a kitten! It’s a bal of love! So, like a puppy adoption, it is like a baby shower. Show them love by giving necessities.
What best to give: scratching post, bowls, unique pet gadgets, blankets, treats, toys.

Celebrating adoption (older, rescued cat):  Celebrating rescue adoption is celebrating commitment. There are problems in adopting rescue especially if the pet has suffered trauma. Congratulate and pat the pet owner’s back by coming to the celebration.
What best to give: congratulatory card, unique pet gadgets, blanket, books, toys. Ask if they have bed and cat food. It’s lovely to aid the adopters too.

What not to give: As in any pet, Don’t give pet food unless you know the dietary restrictions of the pet. Don’t give clothes if you don’t know the size or preference of the pet and pet owner. Consider the views of the pet owner before giving clothes.
Never give mixed message items. Even if you know the diet of the pet, giving them “diet” food shouts you are affirming their pet is overweight. Giving things like deodorizing sprays and air freshener says you think they smell bad.
Never give items from a dead pet like their old bed, old toys, old bowls. A pet knows this and might take offense.
Don’t give very expensive things unless you are very close to the pet owner. Items like jewelry, expensive carriers, strollers and such are a bit too much for party gifts.

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